Bacon Grease Is The Fatty Addition Your Bland Canned Corn Needs

Top view of an opened can of corn
Top view of an opened can of corn - Gordonbellphotography/Getty Images

Ordinary as it may be, canned corn is a pantry staple capable of wondrous things. You can use it to add specks of sweetness to desserts, fried dishes, salads, and anything else your heart desires. Even on its own, it still makes a stunning, meal-brightening side dish, all thanks to that gorgeous pop of yellow color. That said, it can be a little lackluster in the flavor department, especially if you want more than just the typical fresh corn substitute. When the craving for smoky, grilled corn creeps in and all you have is canned corn, don't despair, just turn to bacon grease for a surprising transformation.

Much like bacon itself, bacon grease is also rich with smoky and savory notes. It can be hard to imagine this boldness melding into canned corn's mild sweetness at first, but that's the beauty of this mismatched pairing. The fascinating contrast between these flavors elevates the canned corn's overall profile, infusing it with a unique depth. While not entirely similar, it's a close enough throwback to Southern fried corn or more vibrant Mexican street corn.

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An Intriguing Twist To Any Dish

Bacon cooking surrounded by grease
Bacon cooking surrounded by grease - Jannissimo/Shutterstock

As you might have guessed, bacon grease is extracted from cooked bacon. You can collect this rendered fat straight from the pan — just make sure to run it through a strainer first to filter out any redundant fat or meat. If you don't make bacon that often, you can use a store-bought alternative. Once you've got the grease, it can be used like regular oil when you're frying the corn with a few tablespoons drizzled onto a heating pan. If you've just cooked some bacon, all the better. Make use of those leftover drippings right away and just add butter, seasonings, and the canned corn and stir everything together for 10 to 20 minutes. You can sprinkle a few bacon bits onto the finished dish as well for a more well-rounded, decadent taste.

Not only does the bacon grease-infused corn taste great on its own, but it can also enhance countless other dishes. Add it to a fresh salad to amp up the flavors with some savory, smoky magic. Layered over toast or tossed into tacos, it's just as good, especially when you aim to impress with an unexpected yet familiar twist. This bacon grease hack works with more than just canned corn — you can also add other vegetables while you're at it and make a colorful, hearty plate of sauteed veggies. And, a potato and corn hash brown isn't such a bad idea for a more exciting breakfast meal.

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