Baby monitor alerts mom to movement at 12 a.m., captures unexpected visitor in baby’s crib: ‘Oh no’

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Security footage of a sleeping baby’s unexpected midnight visitor is going viral — and some people have strong opinions about what was captured.

Mom and TikToker Sonja Overman (@sonja_overman) gained over 7 million views and 5,500 comments when she uploaded the late-night video to her account.

We’ve seen surprising baby monitor footage go viral before — like this mom who claims she captured paranormal activity in her baby’s nursery or this sneaky toddler who tried to fool her mom at nap time.

But the midnight mischief that Sonja captured on her nursery camera is sparking some heated debates on TikTok!

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“When the baby monitor notifies you there’s movement at 12 a.m.,” reads the opening text of Sonja’s video.

From the bird’s-eye view of the baby monitor, we see Sonja’s little girl, Grace, sleeping soundly in her crib.

But moments later, a tiny figure appears at the foot of Grace’s bed and wiggles its way between the slats.

It’s Pepper, the family’s kitten, coming for a 12 a.m. party with her BFF.

But as Grace wakes up and grabs the mischievous cat, it seems Pepper got a bit more party time than she bargained for.

Grace snuggles the kitten tightly as Pepper seems to scan for an escape — perhaps thinking, “Oh no,” as Sonja’s caption reads.

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‘The amount of negative comments is shocking…’

While many TikTokers found the footage adorable, calling it the “cutest thing ever,” some people took issue with the video — for a wide variety of reasons.

Some thought the kitten posed a danger to the baby. “Keep cats away from babies/kids. They search for warmth, which is usually their heads,” one user advised Sonja.

Others felt the baby posed a danger to the kitten. “I hope that cat is OK. Babies are terrible with animals,” warned another user.

And others were concerned about the way baby Grace was sleeping. “Why is there a blanket?!” cried another user.

But some thought the footage was perfectly harmless. “ The amount of negative comments is shocking. What a cute video and a cute baby and kitten,” wrote one user.

However, many people pointed out something beyond the baby and kitten altogether: a floating rod of light that many felt looked like an orb. “It’s the GIANT weird shaped apparition at the end of the video for me… #paranormal,” one user wrote.

No matter what users take from the video, it’s clear that baby Grace and Pepper share a special connection and will no doubt make many happy memories together.

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