Baby with ‘Harry Potter’ wand unleashes Voldemort-like scream: ‘He’s definitely not a muggle’

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A baby boy perfectly channeled Voldemort when he got his hands on a toy wizarding wand.

Fans of the Harry Potter series are shaking over this mini version of He Who Must Not Be Named. The little boy’s Voldemort-like laugh (and energy) was adorably too close for comfort in a viral video posted by @scarehbelle on TikTok.

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The boy waved around the plastic wand with a glowing blue tip. He shrieked “da-da-da-da” before letting out a loud screech, clutching his fists and throwing the wand.

The hilarious clip received 5.6 million views and 1.5 million likes on TikTok.

“Voldemort is quivering,” a user wrote.

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“Well he’s definitely not a muggle,” another said.

“I think he gets an automatic early enrollment to Hogwarts. Pre-school wizarding game is strong!” a person commented.

“IDK what just happened but now my dog is floating,” a TikToker replied.

However, most users compared the boy to a scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two.

“Translation: the boy who lived, come to die. Avada kedavra,” someone said.

In the film, the villain Voldemort tells the protagonist Harry Potter, “The boy who live, come to die,” then launches a killing spell at him by saying, “Avada kedavra.” The spell emits a giant blue blast of energy similar to the color of the baby boy’s wand.

So let’s just hope the tiny tot’s parents can get him to harness all that power for good.

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