B McFly Starts the Conversation on Mental Health and Drug Dependency Through Tasteful Skits

Issues of declining mental health and drug dependency, among others, have plagued the world for decades. Fortunately, numerous individuals have stepped up and kickstarted a ripple of positivity that has now spiraled beyond their reach to combat this. Making a difference in his way and standing tall among this uplifting group of game-changers is the leading motivational personality "B McFly."

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Starting in January 2008, "Being Motivated Comes From Loving Yourself" or "B McFly" has been a recurring character in his grateful audience's success stories. Through the years, B McFly has carried an incontestable reputation as a comfort and entertainment source and has grown his brand as synonymous with warm-hearted change.

Born to young parents as Brandon Chastang, B McFly knows firsthand the stories and experience of someone suffering from substance abuse problems and mental health issues. "My mother and father were 14 and 16 when I was born," he shares. "They both were addicted to drugs."

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As teenage parents, the stress caught up to the internet personality's parents and, to escape from their reality, they would often indulge themselves in a medically-induced trip. With his parents indisposed and under the influence, Brandon was left to fend for himself at a tender age and was mainly raised by his grandmother.

Due to a toxic home environment, the talented creative nurtured a drive to succeed. He pushed himself to excel in all his endeavors and became the first person to graduate from college since his great grandparents. Armed with a degree and a passion for carving a path unlike his parents', Brandon Chastang was ready to take over the world.

Unfortunately, fate had another idea in mind. "I got shot in 2004, two months after I graduated, and my life went upside down." He turned to drugs. "For 14 years, I struggled with opioid addiction. I neglected my children and tore down my community. I never had a support system."

After a long and drawn-out battle with himself, Brandon Chastang finally got himself out of his situation. Experiencing how difficult it was to reach sobriety alone and that there are thousands in the world struggling to do so, Brandon decided to take on a different name - "B McFly."

As B McFly, he began to reenact his real-life experiences dealing with drug addiction and the mental health issues that rode backseat to it. Through his skits, he spreads awareness on social media and connects with his eager and growing audience. On the numerous channels that B McFly has, he opens the conversation with his reach and explores themes of substance dependency, prison, and being an absent parent - educating them and inspiring them to strive for mental health, sobriety, anti-gun violence efforts, and opening communication lines with their children.

"Don't be ashamed of your negative story," he reminds his following, "be ashamed if there's no end to your negative story."

Learn more about the awe-inspiring motivational artist B McFly. Browse through his content and see the world with grateful eyes and newfound optimism.