Ayo Edebiri Name-Checks Jennifer Lopez to Get “SNL” Cast 'Hyped' Ahead of Her Hosting Debut

When cast members wonder if they should call out of this weeks's episode, Edebiri attempts to rally the troops and make the "greatest show of our lives"

Ayo Edebiri is trying her best to get the gang together and drum up some excitement ahead of her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live!

In a promo released on Wednesday, The Bear star, 28, has a big task ahead of her as she works to get cast members Mikey Day, Ego Nwodim and Molly Kearney psyched up for this week's episode of the famed sketch comedy show.

"Two shows in a row man, I am beat!" Day sighs before taking a seat. Kearney, who's been lying in the stands agrees, "Yeah, I don't know if I can do this a third time."

"Maybe we call Lorne [Michaels] and tell him we all got hit by a car?" Nwodim asks the group before Edebiri emerges from the shadows with a clap.

<p>NBC</p> Ayo Edebiri in a promo for her hosting debut on 'Saturday Night Live'


Ayo Edebiri in a promo for her hosting debut on 'Saturday Night Live'

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"What's this I'm hearing?" she begins as hopeful music plays to accompany her uplifting speech. "This show could be the greatest show of our lives and you're just gonna let that opportunity slip away?"

As the camera pans to show the considering faces of the cast members, it returns to Edebiri who suddenly holds a clipboard in her hands. After claiming "100 million people" will be watching, their expressions go skeptical and Day retorts, "Probably not."

<p>NBC</p> Ayo Edebiri in a promo for her hosting debut on 'Saturday Night Live'


Ayo Edebiri in a promo for her hosting debut on 'Saturday Night Live'

"Oh really? Because I just heard, we're following the Super Bowl," she replies, tapping a headset she wasn't wearing before.

When Nwodim points out that the big game is on a Sunday. Edebiri returns to the screen decked out in SNL gear and says, "This is going to be the first show that will be live on Saturday night."

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<p>NBC</p> Ayo Edebiri in a promo for her hosting debut on 'Saturday Night Live'


Ayo Edebiri in a promo for her hosting debut on 'Saturday Night Live'

"That's a lie!" Kearney points as Day sounds off with a bored expression, "You're just making stuff up."

Admitting that she may have stretched the truth, Edebiri explains that she was trying to "get you guys hyped" for the upcoming show and her hosting debut. When she adds that Jennifer Lopez is going to be this week's musical guest, the trio jumps with excitement and begin chanting her name as they slap a television screen on the way out of the soundstage.

"Okay," Edebiri says with a tight smile, staring at the now broken screen. "Am I going to be charged for that?"

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On Wednesday, Saturday Night Live announced that Edebiri and Lopez would be appearing as respective host and musical guest on Feb. 3.

This weekend will mark the "Jenny on the Block" singer's fourth time on SNL. Lopez appeared on the show for the first time in 2000, with host Alan Cumming, and returned one year later in 2001 as both the host and musical guest. In 2010, the “Let’s Get Loud” singer pulled double duty yet again, and most recently in 2019 she hosted the show, while DaBaby performed.

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Edebiri, meanwhile, will host the show for the first time as she comes off a successful awards season. She recently took home an EmmyGolden Globe and Critic’s Choice award for her performance as Sydney on The Bear

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