What Attracts Other People to You, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

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What is your most attractive personality trait? (Photo: Getty Images)
What is your most attractive personality trait? (Photo: Getty Images)

There are many things that breed attraction, and energy is certainly one of them. It’s that new guy’s reserved, super-chill vibe that gives you the impression he’s filled with fascinating secrets. Or it’s that co-worker’s bubbly temperament — she always knows the right questions to ask to fill those awkward silences.

Each Myers-Briggs type has a unique energy, and, yes, that applies to you. Which means that based on the unique makeup of your character (which can be defined via the Myers-Briggs test), there are certain traits you possess that particularly draw people in. So what is it about you that has people doodling your name in their notebook? Well, that all depends on your type.

Note: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality test that helps us to better understand ourselves and the people who surround us in our day-to-day lives. It tells us what we do with incoming information, how we process it and use it to make decisions. If you don’t know your type, a quick online quiz can help you find out.

ENTP: Charm
No one else can work a room with your type of unassuming appeal, ENTP. You ask insightful questions, listen intently, and infuse conversations with just the right amount of sharp humor. Your ease and laid-back energy can charm even the toughest prospect. You’re endearing and light in your interactions, without sacrificing passion or depth.

ESFJ: Excitement
You’re the true definition of a people-person, ESFJ, and you aren’t afraid to make someone feel wanted and desired. You will regularly make obvious efforts to show the other person you care — like driving that person to the half-marathon, or baking a favorite flavor of cupcake “just because.” That sweet, selfless devotion could melt the iciest heart.

ENTJ: Tenacity
You know what you want and you’re not afraid to go after it, ENTJ. You are a true leader, confident, and persuasive, which means you’ve always got a bit of a following. When you see relationship potential, you’re also not afraid to dive right in, test out that chemistry, potentially build something great. In a world that’s all about ease and quickness, your effort and dedication is pretty hot.

ESFP: Playfulness
You have the awesome ability to bring out the silliest side of everyone, ESFP. Your enthusiasm and playfulness brightens up a room, and you can help even the most serious person relax and let go. You’re also the first to crack a joke, and the only person who can get away with it so effectively. Both your sense of humor and welcoming vibe are full of allure.

ESTJ: Commitment
“Commitment” isn’t a scary word to you, ESTJ. Rather, it’s how you live your life. You’re committed in everything you do: Getting to know a person’s inner world, supporting his or her dreams, keeping the relationship lively and fun. When you find that great connection, you go for it. The right person feels at home with you and is never in want of something you can’t provide.

INTJ: Mystery
You’re the living embodiment of mystery and intrigue, INTJ. While you can appear standoffish to those who don’t know you well, those who do get past your top layer recognize your quiet confidence masks a real wealth of knowledge, insight, and passion. You are also happy to wait for the right thing to come along. Your bar is your bar, and your high self-worth is attractive to just about every worthwhile prospect.

ISTP: Autonomy
Few people on the planet are as self-sufficient and chill as you, ISTP. Although you’re a great friend and always down for a good time, you’re ultimately independent and always do your own thing. You don’t need anyone, so when you choose to spend time with someone, it’s a sign of real respect and desire — and it’s very flattering to that special person you happen to notice.

ESTP: Adventure
You’re the most laid-back and perceptive of all the types, ESTP. You easily banter, flirt, and create attraction everywhere you go, which means you’ve always got a horde of suitors. You’re also confident and adaptable in any situation, allowing you to navigate (calculated) risks. Life’s always an adventure with you, and others want to join in.

INTP: Intellect
You might not be everyone’s cup of tea, INTP, but you hardly notice those with whom you don’t have a natural rapport. For the right quirky, knowledge-hungry spirit, you’re the perfect match. You always have new ideas, theories, and fun facts to toss around, and plenty of prospects are drawn to that seemingly endless intellect of yours.

ISFP: Creativity
The object of your affection is always showered with creativity and soul, ISFP, which makes a romance with you incredibly passionate and fulfilling. Your shy-but-fearless heart isn’t afraid to fall hard or explore the depths of another. There’s a reason people are always falling for songwriters and artists; you make others feel seen, heard, and understood in a way that no other type can.

ISTJ: Consistency
In a world sorely lacking true investment, that’s exactly what you provide, ISTJ. You’re not afraid to lay down your time and effort getting to know someone, and you always make others feel safe and supported. You might not be the warmest, fuzziest person on the planet, but you show your affection through consistent action — which speaks louder than words anyway.

INFJ: Understanding
You have incredible empathy and understanding, INFJ. You can see the potential in others, as well as help to encourage them to see the positives in themselves. Many are drawn to your humility and sincerity. You seem to live your life with a depth and meaning that you rarely reveal to others in full, which draws plenty of moths to your flame.

ENFP: Passion
When you feel a spark of intrigue, or see the endless possibilities of a potential relationship with someone, you dive into it full force, ENFP. You want to know everything about someone, the ins and outs of how that person ticks, and how you can join forces to become better versions of yourself. The way you embrace the challenge of a new relationship is thrilling, yet you always make the other person feel safe letting the guard down. That uncommon trait often seals the deal.

INFP: Heart
You radiate warmth, INFP. Even if it takes you quite a while to reveal your full self, people immediately recognize your goodness and morality in this cold, detached world. Prospects are attracted by your authentic desire to see the best in others, as well as the way you invest in causes in which you believe. Your humanitarian heart is your best quality.

ENFJ: Charisma
You flit around a room like a butterfly on a spring day, ENFJ, as you radiate passion and energy. You have the ability build rapport with just about anyone, and your obvious enthusiasm about others’ thoughts and ideas is what everyone wants to feel. You’re a hot commodity and probably rarely wanting return attention.

ISFJ: Protectiveness
You’re a romantic and softie at heart, ISFJ, and there’s a sense of security with you that few other types can give in the same way. You’re protective of those you love in both the physical and emotional ways, always the first to step up, be supportive, go to bat and keep someone safe. The way your reserved demeanor will suddenly grow fierce for the ones you love is an unexpected, alluring trait.

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