Athletics Canada hands lifetime ban to Evon Buchanan after sexual harassment investigation

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Athletics Canada announced Monday that coach Evon Buchanan was given a lifetime ban after an independent investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against multiple female athletes.

Each of the two complainants allegedly received separate massages from Buchanan, while a third female was also sexually harassed, according to a release from Athletics Canada.

"Athlete A and Athlete B each complain that Mr. Buchanan, their adult coach, touched them in an unwelcome sexual manner while performing massages on them," read the investigation findings. "The incident alleged by Athlete A occurred during the spring or summer of 2004, at which time she was a minor. The incident alleged by Athlete B occurred during the spring or summer of 2003 or 2004."

Buchanan, who worked as a coach on Project Athletics, was suspended Sept. 11 pending a decision.

"On Sept. 11, 2020, Commissioner Frank Fowlie determined that the allegations against Mr. Evon Buchanan are of such a serious nature so as to warrant suspension from Athletics Canada, its member Branches, and Clubs until such times as this complaint procedure is concluded, and the Office of the Commissioner has released a decision."

Fowlie, who delivered the lifetime ban, said the allegations against Buchanan were of a "serious nature" and determined he "be expelled from Athletics Canada and all its activities, including involvement with any of its member branches and track & field clubs."