Classic Astrodome chairs come in handy at family's Thanksgiving dinner

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The Astrodome was home to the <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/mlb/teams/hou/" data-ylk="slk:Houston Astros">Houston Astros</a> from 1965 until 1999. (Getty Images)
The Astrodome was home to the Houston Astros from 1965 until 1999. (Getty Images)

Every Thanksgiving we like to give fans ideas on how to add a little more baseball flavor to a day that’s typically reserved for football viewing. Some are more realistic than others. Some are just plain silly. But all pale in comparison to how one family truly brought a piece of their baseball history to their Thanksgiving gathering.

According to keener1899 on Reddit, his brother-in-law brought a pair of seats from the old Astrodome that fit right at the table for his family’s dinner.

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A pair of classic seats from the Houston Astrodome were used as chairs at one family’s Thanksgiving dinner. (keener1899 on Reddit)
A pair of classic seats from the Houston Astrodome were used as chairs at one family’s Thanksgiving dinner. (keener1899 on Reddit)

Needed or not, that’s an awesome set up.

Some people on Reddit questioned where the legs came from. According to the poster, his father-in-law made them so the chairs could be used for sitting in the house. In another post he says he believes those seats once belonged to his wife’s family, who were Astros season ticket holders. That tidbit is important to note because it separates the Astros from the other dozen or so college and professional teams across several sports that hosted games at the Astrodome when it was open.

The Astrodome still partially stands, but it’s ultimate fate has yet to be determined. Many of its contest have been given away or auctioned, such as the chairs you see here. The poster adds that the seats were pretty comfortable, though using a pillow for added comfort was suggested too.

Other posters that own old chairs from sports stadiums say they now plan on breaking them out for future gatherings to start new family traditions. That included one Cubs fan who owns an old seat from Wrigley Field. Truth be told, it’s a pretty cool way to make baseball and sports a part of the gathering.

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