Ashland upset Grand Valley State on a Hail Mary and the announcer couldn't have been less enthusiastic

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Ashland scored on this play to beat Grand Valley State. (via ESPN)
Ashland scored on this play to beat Grand Valley State. (via ESPN)

A game-winning Hail Mary is an exciting moment. Unless you’re announcing Ashland’s upset win over Grand Valley State.

Division II Ashland completed a Hail Mary with no time on the clock for a 20-17 win Saturday over No. 9 Grand Valley State. The play was pretty awesome. The call of the play ... well, let’s just say that the announcer on the game broadcast must have seen some crazy plays in his day. Because it hardly registered on his scale of excitement.

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Just listen to this.

“That is caught for a touchdown. I don’t believe it. Four guys back there and they couldn’t stop the play,” the announcer on the call said, like he was ordering a meal at a restaurant after the game.

This will not go down in the pantheon of iconic football calls unless you are a fan of broadcasters having little to no emotion. Though that lack of emotion makes that call one of the funniest you’re going to hear all year. The inflection — or lack thereof — makes it so funny. Was he part of the Grand Valley State crew? That’s the only explanation for the lack of enthusiasm we can come up with.

Congrats to Justin Davis for coming down with that pass to knock Grand Valley State from the ranks of the unbeaten. At least Ashland was excited by the victory.

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