Aroldis Chapman has apparently spent all of quarantine working on his massive arms

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Of all the pitchers in Major League Baseball, New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman should be the least worried about arm strength. Despite routinely hitting triple digits with his fastball, Chapman wants to see if he can reach an even higher level once games begin again in 2020. Apparently, that means he’s going to spend all his time off lifting weights.

Chapman, 32, posted a picture on Instagram on Sunday showing off his massive left arm.

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If Seattle Seahawks receiver D.K. Metcalf and Chapman held an arm-wrestling contest, who would you take? It would at least be close, right?

Chapman’s arm may be huge, but it’s not the biggest we’ve seen among those connected to baseball. That honor belongs to Marcus Stroman’s dad, Earl, who is the easy No. 1 seed in a baseball-adjacent arm-wrestling competition. Under no circumstances should you mess with Mr. Stroman.

In fact, Chapman wouldn’t even be the second seed in that fictitious bracket. Because the only person who can challenge Earl Stroman for the No. 1 seed is Josh Bell’s dad, Earnest.

We should point out here that having muscular arms doesn’t necessarily increase velocity. If it did, Earl Stroman and Earnest Bell would be chucking 110 mph fastballs in the majors right now. Still, Chapman can try his best to reach that level.

In closing, let’s all marvel at some pictures of jacked baseball dads ... and the one of Chapman too, we guess.

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