Arkansas State coach Blake Anderson roasts Arkansas with funny story (Video)

Arkansas State coach Blake Anderson has a 28-17 record and two Sun Belt titles. (Staci Vandagriff/The Sun via AP)

There are only two FBS programs in the state of Arkansas, and one is having a much better season than the other.

Arkansas is off to a dreadful 2-5 start, is 0-4 in SEC play and is in the midst of the three-game losing streak. About four hours east in Jonesboro, Arkansas State is 4-2 and with a 3-0 record in the Sun Belt. Blake Anderson, in his fourth season with the Red Wolves, did not hesitate to point out the direction of both programs while speaking at the Little Rock Touchdown Club.

Make sure you stick around for the punch line. It’s worth it.

Anderson told a (probably made up) story about visiting an elementary school class in Jonesboro that was filled with Razorback memorabilia. Anderson asked the teacher why there wasn’t any Arkansas State gear around, and the teacher said she and her students are Arkansas fans.

Anderson then asked the students to raise their hands if they are Arkansas fans, and all but one did. The lone dissenter was an Arkansas State fan because her parents were.

“The teacher said, ‘You don’t have to be exactly what your parents are. You can do your own thing. What if your parents were both losers?’” Anderson continued.

“She said, ‘Well then I’d be a Razorback.’”


“Is it too soon?” Anderson wondered. “I’m sorry. It’s just a joke.”

The two schools have never squared off on the football field. Despite Arkansas’ status in the SEC, the game would likely be very close.

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