Ariana Grande Fans Skewer Piers Morgan After Insensitive Manchester Comments

Leave it to Piers Morgan to stir up some drama. On Thursday, he called out Ariana Grande for not visiting her injured fans after the Manchester attack.

Earlier this week, Queen Elizabeth visited the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and showed her support to the young victims. Katy Perry was touched by Her Majesty’s gesture and tweeted, “God bless The Queen and her kind heart.”

Morgan wrote back, “Agreed. Might have been nice if Ariana Grande had stayed to do the same.”

Not surprisingly, this started a Twitter war between him and Ariana’s fans, who were not happy with the host’s insensitive comment.

One fan called out Morgan and asked, “I wonder how Piers Morgan, the valiant, honorable and brave man, would have reacted in her situation.” Sadly, Morgan isn’t sorry one bit. He quickly replied, “I can 100% guarantee you I would stay and visit those who had been killed or wounded watching me perform.”

In other entertainment news, Queen Elizabeth visited the young victims of Manchester:

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