Ariana Grande New Album Eternal Sunshine: Release Date, Track List, and Everything You Need to Know

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Welcome to a new era of Ariana Grande. AG7 officially has lead single and a title: Eternal Sunshine. Grande's last album, Positions, dropped in fall 2020 and while we've gotten a few collabs from her in the interim, Eternal Sunshine will be her first solo music in three years — and it couldn't have come at a better time.

Below, learn everything you need to know about Ariana Grande's new album Eternal Sunshine, including details about the spicy first single “yes, and?,” the album release date, track list, and more.

When will Eternal Sunshine be released?

<cite class="credit">Photo by Katia Temkin</cite>
Photo by Katia Temkin

On January 17, 2024, a little less than a week after dropping the album's first single, Ariana Grande announced the title and release date for her seventh studio album on social media. IN a repost of the album cover and other shots from the album shoot, Grande confirmed AG7, titled Eternal Sunshine, will arrive on March 8, 2024.

<cite class="credit">Screenshot/Instagram @arianagrande</cite>
Screenshot/Instagram @arianagrande

Grande has been teasing Eternal Sunshine for nearly a month now — on December 27, 2023, she confirmed her seventh album would arrive in 2024 while sharing shots from the studio on Instagram. “See you next year,” she wrote in the post's caption. We also know that Grande has been in the studio working hard with producers like Max Martin and Ilya Salmanzadeh. The singer has also shared many small snippets from the recording process over the past month, including a cute video of herself laughing on a couch after she finished the album.

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Grande had wiped her Sweetener Instagram page and replaced it with promo for the Eternal Sunshine, a title fans had been theorizing for weeks. In the “yes, and?” music video, there's a set of coordinates in the opening shot, written on the critics' invitations. The coordinates are for Montauk, New York, the famous setting of the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. Grande commented a heart under one fan page's post about the theory, which many took as unofficial confirmation. (Turns out it was spot on!)

Internet detectives also believe Eternal Sunshine could be a tribute to Grande's ex Mac Miller. In an interview with Complex in 2013, while they were dating, the late rapper spoke about his love for the film. “I love Jim Carrey when he’s being serious. He killed this role. Whenever I’m talking to a girl, I always tell them to watch Eternal Sunshine. It cuts deep,” he said at the time.

What's the vibe for Eternal Sunshine?

Red lipstick? Grande, who rarely ever wore red lipstick prior to 2023, has been wearing the shade a lot lately, even on the album cover for Eternal Sunshine. That's about all we had to go on for a while, besides the optimistic, confident themes of “yes, and?” (Its energy is very reminiscent of the popular sassy GIF of Grande on a red carpet mouthing the words, “What about it?”)

On February 1, Grande posted an emotional video to her Instagram of her previewing the album for her label reps. “I wanted to involve my team, everyone at Republic, as soon as possible because things are just pouring out and happening very quickly as they often do,” Grande says in the clip. “You know how I am and you know how these things go.”

The singer's voice broke as she explained her creative process behind the project, which she says she began working on when the Hollywood strikes began. “I’m nervous! I wanted to share with you this — it’s kind of a concept album because it’s all different, like, heightened pieces of the same story, of the same experience," she said, choking up. “I'm, like, weirdly emotional. I've been doing this for you guys for 10 years, 12 years.” Grande then turned around, putting her back to the group and saying to herself: "F*cking pull it together, b*tch."

Grande explained that some of the tracks on Eternal Sunshine, which was the “working” title of the album at the time, were tonally “really vulnerable" while other songs feature her “playing the part that people kind of expect me to be sometimes, and having fun with that — and the rest of it’s all kind of really vulnerable.”

Judging by the lyrics of the album's lead single, owning her narrative and breaking her silence on the constant media speculation and scrutiny around her divorce and new relationship could be major themes. Grande actually teased her first single in early January, stepping out in a crewneck sweatshirt with the words “yes, and?” written in her signature lowercase across the chest.

What is the first single from Eternal Sunshine?

<cite class="credit">Courtesy of Republic Records</cite>
Courtesy of Republic Records

“Yes, and?” is an upbeat, house-inspired banger about letting go of others’ opinions and embracing yourself through and after hard times. “In case you haven’t noticed / well, everybody’s tired / and healing from somebody / or something we don’t see just right," Grande sings in the first verse. “And if you find yourself in a dark situation just turn on your light and be like / Yes, and? Say that sh*t with your chest and be your own f*cking best friend."

The new song, which dropped on January 12, 2024, is a breath of fresh air for Grande. It's an anthem for anyone who is dealing with a rough patch and is coming out better for it — and has had enough of external judgment. She notably mentions the negative discourse around her body with the lyric “Don’t comment on my body, do not reply.” She has spoken out about fans' “concerns” before, opening up on TikTok to put an end to the conversation.

She also hints at her up-and-down past year and the rampant speculation around her personal and romantic life after her divorce from ex-husband Dalton Gomez. She also potentially alludes to her relationship with Wicked co-star Ethan Slater. “Your business is yours and mine is mine,” she sings. “Why do you care so much whose d*** I ride? (Why?)” You can check out the full lyrics to “yes, and?” here.

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What happens in the “yes, and?” music video?

The music video opens with snooty critics gathering to preview Grande's new music, sharing their speculations on the popstar as they wait for her exclusive presentation to begin. “I miss the old Ari,” says one critic. “I mean, who cares if she's happy? I don't want happy. I want art,” says another.

As they enter a warehouse studio space, they're greeted by sculptures of Grande and her dancers that seem to reference her past album cover poses. When the sculptures spontaneously disintegrate, the track starts to play and the real performance begins. Grande is clearly about to enter her Bob Fosse, Madonna, and house-inspired era, as she incorporates Fosse and ballroom choreography in the video. As the temperature in the room rises, the critics can't take the heat; as they sit under what appears to be a massive heat lamp, they all eventually succumb to the song's rhythm and join the choreography.

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