Apple Vision Pro followup could cut production costs in half

Apple Vision Pro at Apple Park
Apple Vision Pro at Apple Park

A rumored cheaper variant of the Apple Vision Pro could be considerably cheaper than the initial release, with Apple aiming to reduce the cost of components by half.

Apple Vision Pro at Apple Park

The Apple Vision Pro is a very specialized piece of hardware, and with an expensive $3,499 price tag to match. While the first release will be a premium product, Apple is allegedly coming up with cheaper versions.

In a Tuesday DigiTimes report citing industry sources, Apple is working on four versions of headset for the second-generation Apple Vision Pro. Sources have confirmed two will eventually be released, with a variance in pricing.

Of the two probable releases, one will be a high-specification variant with premium pricing, reminiscent of the Apple Vision Pro. The second, more likely to be the mass-market edition, will apparently be more price-conscious.

It is unknown what the purpose of the other two models will be.

That second model's price will heavily rely on how much Apple can cut the cost to produce it. To that end, Apple is apparently aiming to reduce the Bill of Materials down to half of what the Apple Vision Pro costs the company.

Sample production for the value-oriented version will apparently take place in the second half of 2024, with a launch anticipated for the second half of 2025.

While DigiTimes has a fairly OK track record when it comes to supply chain matters, it isn't too hot about specifications. However, this rumor does seem quite plausible.

Earlier reports on Apple's headset development plans have touched upon a second edition with a lower price tag than the Apple Vision Pro. In October, it was proposed that a version without the external display, lower-resolution internal displays, and a lower grade of chip instead of Apple Silicon could cost consumers a more wallet-friendly $2,000.