'The Walking Dead' Fans Don't Get Why Judith Is Older But Maggie Has No Baby Bump

Gina Carbone

Is "The Walking Dead" also a time-travel show, with flash-forwards and sideways like "Lost"?

Season 8 premiered last night, and fans seemed happy with the start of All Out War, but confused about the multiple timelines. There was the timeline right after the Season 7 finale, with all the speeches; then a jump forward several years to Old Man Rick and what looked like a maybe 5-year-old Judith (with Michonne looking pretty much the same). In the middle was weepy-eyed Rick, in whatever timeline that was.

Timeline answers will come later, but fans really wanted to know what's up with Judith and Maggie. Maggie has been pregnant with Glenn's child since the end of Season 6, but she is still not showing. Meanwhile, Judith just showed up in the current -- not even the years-later -- timeframe looking older than we last saw her. (See top photo.) She appears to be a real toddler now, not just Baby Judith.Fans were confused, and shared their confusion in the best way possible -- through hilarious memes on Twitter:


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