You'll never guess what the queen owns just outside London

Hannah Kramer,

Her royal majesty and her family own a lot of different things; a fleet of swans, a countless number of jewels, acres and acres of land that span the English countryside.

But there's one thing Queen Elizabeth II owns that might surprise you: a McDonald's franchise outside of London. It's located in Banbury Gateway Shopping Park and isn't actually her personal property.

According to the Independent, it belongs to the Crown Estate and all of its profits go to the Treasury.

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If you do happen to stumble into the Golden Arches, you're probably not going to see the Queen. It's been reported that her Majesty likes to eat cereal and snacks out of Tupperware containers -- and has meals courtesy of her personal chef.

Now, it is worth noting that Princess Diana would sometimes treat both William and Harry to Micky D's. Maybe we'll see Prince George and Princess Charlotte playing in the ball pit after enjoying a happy meal very soon!

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