Anthony Edwards Hopes to Resurrect Goose in ‘Top Gun’ Sequel

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A sequel to Top Gun has been confirmed by Tom Cruise, and Anthony Edwards wants in. The actor played Goose in the 1986 film and — spoiler alert — Goose dies. But that didn’t stop Anthony Edwards from appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbertto plead his case for being cast in the new Top Gun.

Edwards had an ingenious fix for his dead character: Ghost Goose. In the taped plea, Edwards was edited into classic scenes of the film as a ghost. The steamy love scene between Cruise and Kelly McGillis? Ghost Goose creepily looked on and said, “This  Goose likes to gander.” There were several other shots of Ghost Goose hanging off a fighter jet and blaming Maverick for his death.

Edwards hoped to create a social media campaign using #ghostgoose. He implored viewers, “Tell America that you feel the need, the need for Ghost Goose.”

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