Announcing QuickMatch contests, the fastest and fairest way to play Yahoo Daily Fantasy

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We’re proud to introduce QuickMatch for Yahoo Daily Fantasy. QuickMatches are Head-to-Head (H2H) contests between two Daily Fantasy players that are fairly and automatically matched by our leveling system.

How it works

After you’ve played five ranked contests in a sport, we will assign you a level based on your performance. Any contest with a prize is considered a ranked contest. Once you’ve earned your level in a sport, we’ll match you with opponents in your  level.   

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QuickMatch for Yahoo Daily Fantasy
QuickMatch for Yahoo Daily Fantasy

Good news for you!

  • All main slate contests are guaranteed (if we don’t match you, you automatically win!)

  • Yahoo isn’t taking a management fee – meaning you’re not charged any fees for QuickMatch contests

To Join a QuickMatch Contest:

You’ll have the option of joining a queue to be matched with another player of a similar skill.

  • Select slate and entry fee, and then enter the QuickMatch

  • You can set your lineup right away or you can decide to come back later

  • You’ll get a push notification on your phone once we find an opponent for you once matched, you can’t cancel so make sure you’re ready to play

Still in the Works:

  • Right now you can only join QuickMatch contests on the Web (coming soon to an iOS and Android device near you), however once in a contest you can edit your lineup on mobile.

If you have any questions, please read our help article. This feature is new for us too, so feedback is welcome!

Now find your match by going to Yahoo Daily Fantasy on the Web and start playing today!

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