Andy Cohen Just Asked Anderson Cooper The Most Inappropriate Question On TV

Talk show host Andy Cohen on Thursday asked CNN anchor Anderson Cooper a really raunchy question, prompting awkward laughter from the “Anderson Cooper 360” star and not much of a response. (Watch the video below.)

Sure, the two are longtime friends and Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” can get naughty. But Cohen might have taken things too far with this query during a segment called “Textual Behavior.”

“When was the last time you sent or received a dick pic?” the host asked.

Cooper sported a brief WTF look before breaking out into laughter. “I’ve never...I’ve never...” he said.

“You’ve never sent, yeah, yeah,” Cohen interrupted before quickly moving on.

Best not to dwell. Cooper’s a serious journalist. And keep in mind he’s still mortified by Madonna spanking him at a 2015 concert.