Amherstburg gets new junior hockey team


A new junior hockey team is coming to Amherstberg.

The town's new recreation complex played a big part in landing the team.

The Greater Metro Hockey League wants to locate a team in Amherstburg. The league currently has 15 teams across Ontario.

The league is one step lower than the Canadian Junion Hockey League, which includes the Ontario Hockely League and the Windsor Spitfires.

Matt Romaniski is heading the group briging the team to Amherstburg. He will be the team's first coach when it starts playing next September.

Romaniski says players will be selected both from the U.S. and Canada.

He says the town's rew recreation complex is one of the reasons for locating in amherstburg:

Mayor Wayne Hurst describes it as exciting news for the town and says the new junior hockey team will be a boost to the town.

Town council has agreed to reduce the ice rate for the team when it starts playing. it will be charged $150/hr for game nights. The current rate is more than $174.

The difference will be made up by charging a one dollar per ticket surcharge on all games.

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