Amazon Shoppers in Their 60s “Look 10 Years Younger” Thanks to This Now-$17 Eye Cream

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Others notice the "alligator skin" under their eyes disappearing after use.

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Amazon/ InStyle

One look at my beauty cabinet will tell you everything you need to know about my major skincare obsession. I absolutely love experimenting with new brands and formulas when it comes to cleansers, toners, oils, serums, and creams — you name it. And, while my daily skincare regimen is ever-changing, one thing remains constant: the ingredients that work best for me. I’ve found a lineup of all-stars that transforms my skin, and my old reliable for a glowing, hydrated complexion is and always will be hyaluronic acid. So, when I discovered this L’Oreal Paris eye cream that’s packed with the ingredient and part of the brand’s Revitalift skincare collection Eva Longoria uses, I was sold. Plus, it’s on sale for just $17 at Amazon.

Hyaluronic acid reduces signs of aging by deeply moisturizing and plumping the skin, making it a key component of the Revitalift Triple Power eye treatment. The cream is formulated with other anti-aging ingredients, too, including retinol to enhance collagen production and vitamin C to treat dark spots and increase skin elasticity. The powerhouse trio works in tandem to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet while de-puffing and brightening the under-eye area in just one week, according to the brand.

Using the tube’s cooling metal-tip applicator, gently massage the product into the skin beneath your eyes and in the surrounding areas both in the morning and at night. The cream can be worn alone or layered under makeup all day.



Shop now: $17 (Originally $28);

With nearly 6,000 perfect ratings at Amazon, the L’Oreal Paris eye cream is clearly loved by shoppers. One reviewer said “the alligator skin” under their eyes is “disappearing,” thanks to the treatment. And, a 65-year-old customer said “nothing beats” the product, which is “keeping [their] wrinkles and puffiness at bay.” A 74-year-old shopper confirmed, adding that the cream “promptly reduces puffiness under [their] eyes for the entire day,” and it’s “easy to apply.”

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Even more shoppers with mature complexions have raved about the eye cream. One 69-year-old customer said their skin is “clear of any spots and wrinkles,” and they “look 10 years or more younger” thanks to the product. And, a 74-year-old reviewer swears they “noticed a difference from day one” of using the cream, and they now get compliments on their “beautiful skin.” One shopper even called the cream “a miracle,” adding that they “don’t leave home without it.”

If you’re itching to try out the L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Triple Power eye cream for yourself, grab it now while it’s still 40 percent off at Amazon.

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