Alyssa Milano speaks out after being called a 'hypocrite' for appearing at anti-NRA rally with 'armed' security (updated)

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National Rifle Association supporters have come for “hypocrite” Alyssa Milano, but she’s standing her ground.

On Saturday, the politically active actress, who supports “common sense” gun reform, attended an anti-NRA rally organized by No Rifle Association (NoRA) in Dallas. The event took place not far from the NRA convention in the city. In addition to peacefully protesting, Milano — who helped launch NoRA after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School — spoke out, saying, “I do not think that it should be as easy to buy an AR-15 as it is to get a caramel macchiato at a Starbucks.” She — and the other protesters, including actress Frances Fisher — called for reform, including background checks, prohibiting people with a history of violent behavior from owning firearms,  and not allowing the NRA to fund political campaigns, among other things that are listed on the group’s Gun Safety Bill of Rights.

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While she was there, Milano, the star of Charmed and Who’s the Boss, was ambushed by a man who called her out  as a “hypocrite” for appearing at the event with “armed” security. Only a portion of the interaction was shared on social media, but it showed a man, apparently an NRA member named Will Haraway, asking Milano’s hired muscle whether he was armed. The security man asked the guy to leave the premises. At that point, he started screaming, “Hypocrite! Alyssa, you are a hypocrite! You have armed security here.” Milano wasn’t hiding. She appeared in the background and marched right over to see what was happening.

The video was shared on Twitter by Red State blogger Ben Howe — and apparently, he was filming it as well. He wrote that he was “sitting on the bench next to” Haraway, who said he “thought he could see a gun on the security guard. When he said he was going to go ask him, I started filming.”

Milano then spoke to the men, including an on-camera chat that was cut from the initial clip that was shared.

Will Haraway, an NRA supporter, argues with Alyssa Milano, founder of NoRA, during a protest against the National Rifle Association in Dallas on May 5. (Photo: AP Photo/Rex Curry)
Will Haraway, an NRA supporter, argues with Alyssa Milano, founder of NoRA, during a protest against the National Rifle Association in Dallas on May 5. (Photo: AP Photo/Rex Curry)

Milano took to Twitter after Howe’s video went viral, to say that her “personal bodyguard was not armed” and that she “had no control over what the Dallas PD and event coordinators planned to protect me.”

That led to people posting photos of the security detail with what appeared to be the outline of a gun showing through a guard’s clothes.

Milano then clarified in another tweet that the man “was event security, not my bodyguard.” And even if he was her personal bodyguard, he “has had training and passed a background check.”

That, she reminded, of course goes toward the goal of NoRa — which is not to outlaw all guns, but to put in place what she called “common sense gun reform policies.” She added that she and the protesters “are fighting for … everyone.”

Milano added that she “can’t wait to see the unedited longer video,” and she got her wish on Monday night when Howe put it on Twitter.

The clip showed her walking up to the the men as they repeatedly asked the security guard whether he was armed. Milano told them that she has “no problem with NRA members that lawfully have guns. I have zero problem with that. Actually, in my household, my husband has two guns, so don’t call me a hypocrite.”

The run-in continued to be antagonistic, and Milano finally told them, “You’re being so incredibly confrontational and I’m just trying to have a conversation. Because, to me, we have to bridge this divide.” And with that, she returned to her protest.

[Editor’s note: This post was originally published May 4, 2018 at 4:36 p.m. ET.]

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