Alyssa Farah Griffin melts down in 'absurd' fight with Sunny Hostin on The View : 'What a disgrace'

Alyssa Farah Griffin melted down in an uncharacteristically intense on-air fight with Sunny Hostin on The View.

The conservative cohost sparred with Hostin during Wednesday's Hot Topics discussion on Mike Pence's presidential candidacy, which prompted Hostin to bring up Griffin's work history as an employee of both Pence and Donald Trump.

"What scares me, Alyssa, is that you are incapable of defending a man that you worked for," the legal expert said. "I don't need to hear more from Pence, for several reasons."

A visibly uncomfortable Griffin — who worked under Trump throughout 2020, after working with Pence's press team from 2017 to 2019 — butted in, asking Hostin, "You just accused me of something, so why don't you let me actually answer? You're not going to vote for a Republican, ever."

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The View

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Hostin responded as she continued with her thought: "No, I'm going to finish what I'm going to say.... the thing about Pence here is, when I lived in Indiana and I went to Notre Dame, he had a terrible approval rating because of the way he treated the AIDS crisis," she said as the audience gasped. "Awful. A lot of people died because of him, a lot of people died because of how he handled the COVID crisis."

Griffin didn't miss a beat by calling out Hostin after the Summer on Sag Harbor author "defended Cornel West yesterday, who's destroying our country," she observed.

Hostin cut Griffin off, telling her that she was "still speaking," before cohost Joy Behar prompted Hostin to not "make it personal" about Pence or Griffin.

"Well, Sunny likes to make it personal with me," Griffin said. "Are you going to give me a chance to answer? I mean, this is absurd. This is not what this show is about. This is Barbara Walters' legacy, let a woman speak!"

Sara Haines jumped in to make a point, which also seemingly made Griffin unhappy. "Are you just going to keep going?" Griffin asked. At that point, moderator Whoopi Goldberg nixed the conversation and threw the show to a commercial.

Alyssa Farah Griffin on 'The View'
Alyssa Farah Griffin on 'The View'

Lou Rocco/ABC/Getty Alyssa Farah Griffin on 'The View'

"Why do I feel like I need to go to break right now? Because I can't hear anybody saying anything. Maybe we just need to figure out how we do this again. Let's have this break and figure out how we're going to make this work," Goldberg said over Hostin and Griffin, who continued to argue while the Oscar-winning actress spoke. "What a disgrace," Griffin repeated twice, before the show cut to commercial.

Griffin has engaged in some debate about her working history on The View, but Wednesday's fight with Hostin marked the most incendiary exchange the 33-year-old has had on the show since joining the panel permanently in late 2022.

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