Alt National Park Service Is Going Viral Again, This Time for Fashion

The Alt National Park Service coalition has decided to sell T-shirts. (Photo:
The Alt National Park Service coalition has decided to sell T-shirts. (Photo:

Just in time for road trip season, the social media stars of the winter have a fashion statement for you. The Alt National Park Service, those rogue park rangers of the anti-Trump resistance, asked on Facebook last weekend if anybody wanted them to make a T-shirt. The post itself is blowing up, with comments that are almost as entertaining as the original AltNPS tweets themselves.

“Are you interested in an Alt National Park Service t-shirt?” the anonymous group asked on Sunday. “If so please comment ‘yes’ below. Our coalition is currently working with an environmentally friendly and community focused US based supplier which can offer an ECO t-shirt. The shirts will [be] screen printed and environmentally friendly.”

The post also warned that someone not associated with the account has been selling AltNPS shirts without permission. Unlike those unauthorized shirts, these shirts will be sold at cost. As of this writing, the post has more than 24,000 comments. Instead of following directions with a simple “yes,” many of the respondents acted, well, just like members of the resistance usually do, generously, and with a lot of extra requests and suggestions:

“Yes tho would prefer organic cotton or cotton/bamboo blend. Polyester is not a friend.”

“Don’t forget working class friendly (union made!) too. I know all of these qualifications may make it harder to make the shirts, but it will be worth it. I’ll buy two.”

“And if you could do women’s sizes or v necks, that would be great. Of course, just thrilled that I may be able to buy a shirt or two to support the cause.”

“Only breathable fabrics work for me & my hot body.”

“Yes, please. And charge more than cost. Breaking even will NOT support any future funding need for Alt National Park Service. You have an audience willing to support your efforts.”

” Options should include graphics that show female rangers and rangers of color – esp given NPS’s recurrent sexual harassment problems and underrepresentation of communities of color in terms of park visitation.”

“And while we’re making crazy, specific demands; I want mine to be all-natural unicorn hair and decorated with dragon scales. Can it also be butterfly scented? That would be cool!”

The AltNPS soon replied that it would take all of these suggestions into account.

The @realAltNPS Twitter account first appeared in January shortly after President Trump reportedly silenced the official National Park Service account for accidentally retweeting side-by-side comparisons of Trump’s and Obama’s inauguration crowds.

The group says it’s made up of a coalition of 204 National Park Service employees, 52 state park employees, 19 National Forest Service employees, 22 EPA employees, four USDA employees, and 128 environmental scientists. While many of its tweets went viral, its Facebook account is more up-to-date with reactions to the Trump administrations environmental policy decisions.

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