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Alix Earle stuns followers with college apartment tour: 'Love you but your house gives me anxiety'

Alix Earle’s TikTok bio may describe her as “a hot mess,” but apparently, that’s not what some followers want to see from her.

The influencer, who currently attends the University of Miami, lives with five other female roommates in one sprawling apartment. But after recently giving her 4.7 million followers a tour of her place, she’s been catching some unexpected heat for the way that she lives.

“The tour we have all been waiting for,” Earle says, at the start of her TikTok. “Welcome to Casa Amor.”

But if viewers were expecting to see an immaculately kept college dorm with tidy common spaces and a minimalist aesthetic, that’s definitely not what they got.

Earle first takes her fans into the kitchen, where she admits that they get so many cockroaches, they created a little home for them. (“Casa Cucaracha” is basically a birdhouse, sitting on the floor by the garbage.)

She also shows off her snack stash, which appears to include some goodies from Trader Joe’s. But in keeping with the “theme” of the kitchen, Earle says her roommates bought cockroach-shaped bag clips to keep the little critters at bay.

During the rest of the video, Earle quickly walks through each space showing zero hints of embarrassment by how messy it all is. The living area is littered with things like random hair brushes, half-finished drinks and even a giant bottle of Tito’s vodka, which appears to be left over from the previous night’s festivities.

Their pet fish Elton also makes an appearance, along with a pot of Ramen noodles left out on the stove and a rogue case of golf clubs propped up near the couch.

Moving on, Earle giggles as she shows off the DIY barn doors that she and her roommates created to turn another space into an additional bedroom.

The only problem? “They don’t fit,” she says with a laugh.

There’s a laundry room that serves as both a storage room and an art studio, as well as an additional room that just seems to be a dumping ground for incoming Amazon packages.

In fact, that appears to be the theme of most rooms in Earle’s apartment, which are cluttered with beauty products, discarded packaging and clothes.

Earle says her own bedroom, which gets very little light, has been dubbed “The Dungeon” by her roommates.

Since posting the video, Earle’s apartment tour has racked up more than 8.3 million views. It’s also drawn a whole lot of opinions from viewers and even news anchors who were apparently expecting something else from such a popular influencer.

“I would cry,” said one TikToker of the state of Earle’s apartment.

“Love you but your house gives me anxiety,” another person admitted.

Someone else declared it would give them “a nervous breakdown.”

A lot of people wondered aloud why Earle would even let things get this messy in the first place, considering she’s not exactly a struggling college kid.

“I know you got house cleaner money now girl,” one person said. “it’ll be worth it!”

But despite all the criticism, there were definitely people who appreciated Earle’s refreshingly honest glimpse into her life. Especially since so many influencers typically hide anything from the camera that isn’t totally “perfect.”

“Youre so brave for even giving this tour,” one person commented.

“this has to be the realest thing you’ve posted,” noted someone else.

Even Julia Fox — who was famously trolled for her “messy” apartment tour in January — chimed in in the comments, saying, “I love this.”

And as one person put it, it really isn’t a far cry from what most college apartments look like.

“I mean honestly I feel like this is pretty fitting for 5 college girls,” one TikToker wrote. “I mean everyone is hating but it could be worse.”

“6 girls!” Earle quickly corrected. “We’re killing it.”

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