Alex Jones Tells Tucker Carlson A Wild Claim About Joe Biden That Involves Nudity

Shameless liar Alex Jones made the most of the 90 minutes that Tucker Carlson granted him on his X show, claiming that President Joe Biden traipses around the White House in the buff. (Watch the video below.)

He also said Biden attacked a dog, prompting Carlson to sneer, “Attacking a dog, what a pig he is.”

Jones attributed the dog report to Secret Service contacts “and by people who, let’s just say, work with him and I’m gonna leave it at that.” Then he graduated to the more salacious assertion about Biden.

“He wanders around ... naked in the White House in the middle of the night, doesn’t know who he is,” Jones said.

All the while Carlson listened intently as if Jones was Woodward and Bernstein rolled into one.

Fast forward to 1:18:00:

Jones, the host of Infowars, uttered other dubious claims about the “deep state.”

But his assertion that the 81-year-old president mindlessly creeps around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in his birthday suit ― and has been doing so for his entire time in office ― was so extra that it merited mention.

Let us remind you that it was Jones who got the scoop that then-President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were actual demons who smelled of sulfur and attracted flies.

In all seriousness though, Jones has done grave harm. The inveterate conspiracy theorist was ordered to pay $1.5 billion to Sandy Hook families for persistently claiming the mass shooting of children at the Connecticut school was a hoax. But Jones is now in financial trouble and the families have offered to settle for around $85 million.