Alec Baldwin hijacks the 'Tonight Show' desk from Jimmy Fallon

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Alec Baldwin hijacked The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, leaving Fallon on the outside looking in during an interview with Billy Crudup. Baldwin has been honing his interviewing skills recently, with a podcast called Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin and a talk show, Sundays with Alec Baldwin, premiering this summer.

Baldwin didn’t intend to take over the interview; it just sort of happened. It started when Baldwin began talking to Crudup — who’s starring in the play Harry Clark — about theater. It was only after asking a follow-up question that Baldwin realized what was happening.

Baldwin interrupted Crudup’s answer and said, “I’m gonna do my podcast with him. Jimmy, you can go.”

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Fallon jokingly walked off stage, then came back and tried to talk about the play, but Baldwin cut him off again.

Fallon was halfway through a sentence when Baldwin interjected, “The theater’s a habit — it’s a habit for you.”

Fallon ended up going behind the chairs and kneeling between the two actors so he could be part of the conversation, but that only created an opportunity for Baldwin to sit behind the desk.

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