Model with albinism and 'Prison Bae' star in inspiring photoshoot that's breaking the internet

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From left: Models Mekhi Lucky, Quis Crawford, Shaun Ross, and Ralph Souffrant. (Photo: Shaun Ross via Instagram)
From left: Models Mekhi Lucky, Quis Crawford, Shaun Ross, and Ralph Souffrant. (Photo: Shaun Ross via Instagram)

The modeling industry has made a major effort to embrace individuality in the last few years, and one photo of four male models is proof that we’ve come a long way.

Shaun Ross, the first international male fashion model with albinism, found three guys he had a lot in common with and just had to capture the moment. He shared the photo on Instagram, and it’s truly mesmerizing.

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The 26-year-old redhead is seated between Ralph Souffrant and Mekhi Lucky. Souffrant, 22, on the right, is from Haiti and has a skin condition similar to vitiligo that granted him a smattering of dark freckles.

Lucky, on Ross’s left, is from North Carolina. He was discovered after his mugshot went viral in 2016 due to his hypnotic heterochromatic eyes, and he was later given the nickname “prison bae.” In 2017, the then 20-year-old was signed by St. Claire Modeling.

And behind them is Quis Crawford, who has vitiligo.

Ross’s caption makes the photo even more powerful: “I remember when I entered the modeling industry and I was alone I did not believe that I could make such an impact but these beautiful men are just as courageous as me and they will continue to show the world how comfortable they are in their skin #inmyskiniwin #blackboymagic,” he wrote.

The other men shared it on their profiles as well. “Beauty comes in every color, flavour, sound, height, shade, name & age #blackexcellence,” Souffrant wrote of the image.

“I used to pray for times like this, to shine like this ,” Crawford wrote. “Beauty at its best we love colors ,” Lucky said.

And their followers agree.

Ross’s original shot got 88k likes. “So MUCH beauty in just one picture!!!! Oh God! Simply perfect!” one fan commented on Ross’s post. “The most beautiful variety the human race has to offer. You are all works of art,” wrote another. Souffrant’s post garnered 17k likes. “Amazing! Love this @vogue @essence needs to redo that black Issue. Time for US to be seen,” someone said. “Just beautiful i absolutely love every shade, every freckle, every blemish, Everything,” another comment said. “This pic is the best thing that happened in 2018,” someone wrote on Lucky’s ’gram.

“You’re are shining now, and you are the light of more people ” a follower wrote on Crawford’s post.

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