Aerial images of California's wildfires reveal widespread destruction

Jess Butler,

California's wildfires continue to ravage the Golden state as reports early Friday morning say the fires have now claimed 31 lives. Recently released aerial photos paint a different picture than we're used to associating with the West Coast state. Instead of beautiful landscapes, we're met with tragic devastation that looks more like a dystopian film than a beautiful sunny oasis. 

Firefighters and volunteers continue their endless work as the fires blaze throughout Northern California. Associate professor of forest engineering, resources, and management John Bailey shed some light on why the wildfires aren't slowing down: 'Hot, dry conditions, and then throwing in winds, really expands burnability, we just have an unprecedented amount of fuel on our landscapes.'

Over 185 people have been treated for injuries and many have escaped their homes with just minutes to spare, leaving behind their belongs and abandoning a place that once felt like home. 

See the distressing photos below:

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