Advisor from 'Last Chance U' starting her own academic counseling service

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Brittany Wagner left EMCC in February. (Screenshot via Netflix)
Brittany Wagner left EMCC in February. (Screenshot via Netflix)

Former East Mississippi Community College academic advisor Brittany Wagner is starting her own business.

Wagner was one of the most endearing figures in the popular Netflix series “Last Chance U,” which chronicled the 2015 season at EMCC, a haven for football players looking for their big break or a second chance. Former Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly played at EMCC after he was kicked off the team at Clemson.

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She left the school earlier in 2017 and told that she’s starting her own business to help at-risk young adults.

“I’m really excited about it,” Wagner said in an interview with “I’ve got some really good people helping me, and some good clients in the works. I’m excited about being able to open the door for more athletes to benefit, for more athletes to have that help. A lot of these kids, they’re thrown in, there’s all this pressure, and they just don’t have enough people helping them. They need (more) than what a school district is able to provide.

“I’m trying to really be affordable, not to over-price myself, so that I can reach more athletes. Hopefully, this gets going where I can do some pro bono stuff, and really work with some underprivileged kids, really be able to help the most people that I can.”

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Wagner was such a popular figure throughout the show’s six-episode run that she even received dozens of marriage proposals. Her business, 10,000 Pencils, will help formulate academic plans for athletes and provide transcript reviews. She told the site she’s hoping to be able to do some advising via video platforms if she needs to work with clients remotely.

Dr. Saturday previously revealed the show would be coming back for a second season. The second season, which will document the 2016 season, will be available on Netflix in July.

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