Adam Levine Fights for His Team on ‘The Voice’ — and Loses

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It was a tough night for Adam Levine on The Voice Tuesday as two of his three remaining contestants faced elimination. Lilli Passero was in the bottom three for the first time, while Mark Isaiah was on the chopping block for the fourth week in a row. Because it was a double-elimination night, that meant that Adam was going to lose at least one of his team members.

The Bottom Three Battle It Out

Vanessa Ferguson joined Lilli and Mark in the bottom three places, and they all sang for their lives before the Instant Twitter Save. Lilli summed up Adam’s night perfectly when she sang Etta James’s “Stormy Weather.” Afterward, Lilli had to hold back the “rain” from her eyes as Adam fought for her to stay. Adam told her, “You’re so interesting and multidimensional and different than everything else that’s in the competition. And I know you should be staying here. So vote this girl through!”

While facing elimination was a new feeling for Lilli, it was old hat for Mark, and it seemed Adam knew Mark’s time on the show was coming to an end. So after Mark sang Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” Adam made sure he knew there was no need to apologize. Adam told him, “I’m just so proud of you regardless of the outcome because no one works harder than you. No one has a better positive mentality, like, I’ve ever known — like, you are incredible.”

Adam Levine Loses the Battle

Even though Adam fought for both of his contestants, he was unable to save them. Vanessa, from Team Alicia, was the one who was saved by America. This means Adam is down to one contestant — Jesse Larson, who will have to make it through next week’s quadruple elimination for Adam to have someone in the finals.

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