I Actually Look Forward to Removing My Makeup With This 50%-Off Balm Cleanser

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Shoppers feel like they're "getting a facial" with the now-$30 balm.

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Amazon/ InStyle

One sunny Sunday, a friend and I were popping into boutiques in East Hampton when we stumbled upon a shop selling a chic curation of luxury home, fashion, and skincare products. Eve Lom’s Balm Cleanser, one of my favorite finds of all time, was among them. “Is it really that good?” my friend inquired — and upon my affirmative nod, bought a jar of the stuff — along with the Augustinus Bader Rich Cream, to which I’d had a similar reaction — on the spot.

Watching a friend spend a small fortune based solely on my word would typically make me squirm. Yes, I’m well-versed in skincare; I’m also realistic, however, and aware that most products are hardly one-size-fits-all. Eve Lom’s Balm Cleanser, however, is an exception. To try it is to love it. Keri Russell, my sister, best friend, and 71-year-old mother all use the ultra-luxe cleanser. (Kate Hudson and Gemma Chan are fans of the brand, too.) Housed in an understated white-and-gold jar, it exudes quiet luxury in skincare form and delivers an unparalleled, spa-like experience. For a limited time, it’s on sale at Amazon, for over 50 percent off.





The Eve Lom Balm Cleanser — a jar of which sells every 30 seconds, per the brand — is indulgent in every sense. From its rich, emollient texture, rare plant-oil ingredients, and serene, spalike scent, it’s quiet luxury in balm form. It’s practical, too: a dime-sized dollop removes all traces of debris and makeup, and leaves skin feeling buttery soft post-use. Ultimately, the formula transforms face-washing into an experience rather than a chore; for me, it’s a moment of calming self-care. The product works on its own or with the included muslin cloth — a lightly gritty fabric that gently exfoliates.

Clove, eucalyptus, and Egyptian chamomile oil star as key ingredients, where they protect, calm, and moisturize, respectively. Per the brand, the formula hydrates skin for up to 12 hours post-use.

InStyle dubbed Eve Lom’s balm the best splurge-worthy product — after testing dozens of other balms — noting how it “effortlessly” removes makeup and “elevate[s]” any cleansing routine. Shoppers swear by it, too. According to one reviewer, their skin appeared “more radiant and youthful” within the first few uses. Another says the balm makes them feel like they’re getting “a facial every day.” And who wouldn't want that?

For a truly extraordinary cleanser and an upgrade to your skincare routine, shop the Eve Lom Original Balm Cleanser while it’s $29 at Amazon.

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