Abby Wambach says 'idiots' stole her car and vandalized it with 'hate speech'

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Abby Wambach’s car was taken for a joy ride and vandalized with “hate speech.” (AP Photo)
Abby Wambach’s car was taken for a joy ride and vandalized with “hate speech.” (AP Photo)

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, retired US soccer player Abby Wambach revealed that her car had been stolen, taken for a joy ride, vandalized, and then returned to her driveway in Naples, Florida. She posted a video of footage taken from her neighbor’s security camera, which shows people entering and exiting a vehicle, and then one pulling away.

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Wambach’s car was returned with “hate speech” written on the inside of the car in black marker (she didn’t elaborate on what exactly was written), and a few items missing. Specifically Wambach mentioned that a purse and wallet were missing, but implied that more had been taken.

Wambach’s post is detailed, and it reveals that the culprits might not be the brightest bulbs in the box. Forgetting that someone in Wambach’s neighborhood might have security cameras, they drove up to her truck in a car with a visible license plate.

The criminals, who Wambach hilariously calls “kids/idiots,” didn’t seem to make an effort to hide themselves, because at least one of them was wearing a backwards hat with an Ohio State logo on it. Come on, “kid/idiot,” a backwards hat doesn’t hide your face! Are you even trying here?

From the video, Wambach was able to identify several items of clothing the perpetrators were wearing in addition to the license plate and the backwards hat. And on top of all that, they left fingerprints on the car door. With all that info, it probably won’t take long for these guys to be tracked down and arrested. In her post, however, Wambach said that if within 24 hours the three joy-riders turn themselves in, return the stolen property and pay for the damage to the car, she won’t press charges. But if they don’t turn themselves in, she’s just fine with them going to jail.

Considering how much evidence these guys left behind when they stole Wambach’s car, took it for a ride, and then wrote hate speech all over the inside, they might just accidentally stumble into a police station and give themselves up without even knowing it.

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