Aaron Judge gave a baseball to young Yankees fans and they lost their minds

Two young Yankees fans go insane with happiness after Aaron Judge gives them a baseball. (MLB.TV)
Two young Yankees fans go insane with happiness after Aaron Judge gives them a baseball. (MLB.TV)

Imagine for a moment that you’re 11 or 12 again. You’re at the ballpark watching your favorite team. And at the end of an inning, one of the biggest young stars of the game, who just happens to be on your favorite team, walks over to the outfield wall and plops a baseball in your outstretched glove. You’d go insane, right? You’d go bonkers with happiness.

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But young Thomas McKay, a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees, doesn’t have to imagine. That scene happened to him on Wednesday night at Yankees Stadium. And he got a ball from baseball’s hottest young player, home run slugger Aaron Judge.

Thomas was sitting in the front row of the outfield with his best friend and his sister. At the end of an inning in the early part of the game, he reached his glove down below the outfield wall, hoping that a player would give him a ball. Judge was already jogging over to the wall (he apparently gives a fan a ball at the end of every inning, according to the Yankees broadcasters), and he spotted Thomas’ outstretched glove. He put the ball in the glove, and that’s when Thomas and his best friend absolutely lost their minds.

That GIF, courtesy of MLB’s Cut4, is amazing. In that moment, when Thomas brings up his glove, there is joy, happiness and baseball. (And lots of jumping and hugging and excited yelling.)

That’s not all that Aaron Judge did during the Yankees’ Wednesday night contest against the Toronto Blue Jays. In the third inning he hit his MLB-leading 13th home run, a two-run shot to dead center.

Between his end-of-inning fan gifts and his ridiculous home runs, Aaron Judge is a one-man baseball happiness machine.

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