“90 Day”'s Natalie Calls Out 'Total Bulls---' of Josh 'Leading Me On' as He Remains 'Unsure of the Future'

Natalie, who's been married three times, complained after already waiting a year for Josh to commit that she "would have been married by now" if she'd chosen any other guy

<p>TLC</p> Natalie and Josh on 90 Day: The Single Life.


Natalie and Josh on 90 Day: The Single Life.

Natalie Mordovtseva and Josh Weinstein are officially on the rocks.

Monday night’s episode of 90 Day: The Single Life showed Natalie ready for a tense confrontation with her boyfriend about everything she feels he hasn’t given her.

Early in the episode, Natalie’s mom (who recently moved from Ukraine to the U.S.) questioned why Josh hadn’t proposed to Natalie. Josh's slow pace toward commitment stood in contrast to Natalie’s first American relationship — and third overall marriage — with Mike Youngquist, who popped the question and asked Natalie to move in on the K-1 Visa.

“I think Josh is really strange,” the mom said, translated into English. “He’s not introducing you to his kids or his mother. Natalie, I don’t see the point of being with a man who doesn’t want to get married and have kids.”

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<p>TLC</p> Natalie on 90 Day: The Single Life.


Natalie on 90 Day: The Single Life.

Natalie admitted she’d never seen her mom so upset while also admitting she was still hoping for marriage and kids.

“My mom’s seen me going through three marriages that didn’t work out,” Natalie said. “Every time she was expecting a grandchild, but only what she got is divorce.

With the conversation fresh in her mind, Natalie realized she’d been waiting for something Josh hadn’t yet promised. “In [my] previous relationship[s], I would have been married by now,” she said. “I told him when I move to L.A., there are no excuses. We’re in the same city. So, I mean, whatever he tells me it’s total bulls---.”

“It was like Josh has been leading me on for one year of my life,” Natalie concluded. “I don’t know what I’m waiting for here.”

The final straw was Josh didn’t invite Natalie to join him for Halloween or Christmas, falling back on the excuse was that she “doesn’t know his daughter.” To Natalie, the solution would be to simply introduce them. She got tearful, telling producers, “It’s hard because my head knows already — my head is clear — but here I still feel,” she gestured to her heart.

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When Natalie met up with Josh, he seemed a bit scattered. He may have sensed the growing tension — and it didn't help that his friends had called him out for being the “rescuer” and wanted to make sure he wasn’t “taken advantage of” by Natalie, whom he'd been financially supporting.

“I’m in my feelings, I’m just — I’m unsure of the future,” Josh said in an interview without Natalie present. Then she arrived — and stormed right past Josh. He naturally followed and sighed to the production team, “Oh boy.”

The episode ended on that cliffhanger, with only a teaser showing hints of the trouble to come when Natalie calls Josh “f---ing weak.”

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90 Day: The Single Life airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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