'90 Day': Gabe's Sister Skipped His Wedding After 'Bawling My Eyes Out' About Their Sibling Spat

Gabe married Isabel, but his sister Monica skipped the celebration after feeling her brother accused her of being the "common denominator in all of your failed relationships"


Gabriel Paboga and his sister, Monica, hadn't talked about why she skipped his wedding with Isabel Posada until Sunday’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way tell-all.

The siblings have been sending each other memes since the fateful day, but still haven't addressed why Monica — who was Gabe's best man — decided to sit the whole celebration out.

Past episodes from this season showed Monica often taking issue with whoever Gabe is dating — and this was no different with Isabel. However, the two women seemed to bond over a shared love for Gabe.

But it was an off-screen sibling spat that kept Monica from attending the wedding after Gabe told Monica she was the reason most of his relationships haven't worked out.

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That stuck with Monica throughout the wedding day. Monica revealed she tried to attend, even getting her hair done and laying out her dress. But it was too emotionally taxing to go through with the wedding. Monica said she "bawled my eyes out" the whole day — and refused to show up to Gabe's wedding in such a state.

“The reason I didn’t show up, and the reason I was hurt, is because you said to me that I'm the common denominator in all of your failed relationships," she said.

Gabe rejected the idea. "No, I said why is it that every relationship, you always have a problem with somebody?"

He also made a point about the importance of the day, and what Monica missed out on. "You could have shot me in the face and broke my leg, but I would have still went to your wedding," he added.

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Monica added, "Of course, I would love to see him get married and obviously, I don’t wanna offend Isabel or her parents because I think they're amazing people. But I'm not gonna show up to your wedding crying."

Gabe joined his tearful sister on her tell-all couch to comfort her. He ended up apologizing, to which she admitted she doesn't "need" an apology and only needed to know what he said isn't true.

The siblings continued to argue about various points of tension but left things somewhat mended following Monica's explanation of why she didn't make it to the wedding.

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Gabe and Isabel are still happily married one year after tying the knot. The couple celebrated their anniversary in May. 

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