9 Casualty spoilers for next week

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9 huge Casualty spoilers for next weekBBC

Casualty spoilers follow.

Note: The following article contains discussion of themes including suicide that some readers may find upsetting.

Next week on Casualty, Jan’s actions have a devastating ripple effect and Ffion is left in a dilemma as a result.

Meanwhile, Jodie makes a move on Ryan, and Faith and Iain's relationship begins to fall apart.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Jan follows through with her plan

jan jenning, casualty

Jan heads off to work, deliberately leaving the bottle of pills on the table for him to take.

However, Jan's shift gets off to a bad start when she and Iain are called out to the scene of a lorry crash, where a heart ready for transplant is on board.

2. Sparks fly between Jodie and Ryan

jodie whyte, casualty

Ryan again arrives late at the ED for the third time in a week.

Jodie saves him from Donna’s wrath by taking the blame, and the chemistry between her and Ryan is palpable.

3. Jan's behaviour sparks concern

jan jenning, casualty

Iain and Jan are responding to the crash but Jan is preoccupied with Gethin. She jumps into action when she is given the organ cooler box for the heart, determined to get it to the ED at all costs.

She manages to get it to Holby in time but Iain grows concerned by Jan's distant behaviour and questions her on what’s wrong.

Ffion also notices that something is wrong with Jan, thinking it may be Gethin staying with them. Jan reassures Ffion, but her distress is palpable.

4. Jan gets devastating news

jan jenning, casualty

Iain breaks the bad news to Jan that the heart was bruised in the crash and the mother of the patient has decided that the risk of an operation was too high.

Dylan treats the lorry driver and finds he knowingly drove with macular degeneration, a visual impairment. Dylan tells Jan, who is furious, storming into the room to berate the driver before being asked to leave.

5. Ffion faces a dilemma

ffion, casualty

Jan arrives home, expecting to find Gethin dead. To her surprise, he is still alive as Ffion has arrived home before Jan.

Ffion finds her duty to her job and her private life colliding, as she knows she should report Jan for assisting Gethin with his potential suicide.

Furious with Jan for what she has done, Ffion is left unsure if their marriage can be repaired.

6. Faith isn't coping

faith cadogan, casualty

A desperate Faith has run out of drugs and heads to the store room at the ED which is closed for restocking.

Faith turns down Iain's offer to go for a drink after work, unaware that he is stressed as well.

Struggling with the pace of the ED, Faith takes an opportunity to leave the room, escorting a patient's partner outside. However, when the patient dies, Faith is left feeling guilty.

7. Jodie makes a shock discovery

jodie whyte, casualty

Jodie is sent by Donna to a wellbeing meeting with Max.

She is horrified to find out Max has covered for her over an earlier mistake, and Stevie is in trouble as a result.

Jodie naturally wants to tell Stevie the truth, but Max won’t allow it. He tells her to move on and get drunk.

Jodie takes Max’s advice, and later kisses Ryan in a self-destructive move.

8. Iain is honest with Faith

iain dean, casualty

Jacob tells Faith about Iain's recent struggles and is surprised to learn Iain hadn't told her about it himself.

Faith catches up with Iain on the back of this, where he admits that he doesn't feel he can talk to her anymore.

Faith apologises for her recent behaviour and promises they can talk when they are home.

9. Jacob makes a blunder

jacob masters, casualty

Jacob becomes insecure when Sah comments on his age.

Wanting to prove a point, Jacob takes a risky selfie, but accidentally sends it to Charlie instead.

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