9-1-1 Recap: It Finally Happened! Plus, [Spoiler]'s Return Rocks Buck's World

Next week’s finale marks 9-1-1‘s last episode on Fox before making the jump to ABC for Season 7, and if Monday’s eventful hour is any indication, it’s going to be a biggie.

First things first: Maddie and Chimney are finally engaged! The former had a momentary freak-out upon discovering the ring in Jee-Yun’s dollhouse, which evolved into a full-on spiral when she “accidentally” got the ring stuck on her finger.

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Ironically, Maddie didn’t calm down until she spoke with Hen, the one person who vocalized her concerns about Chimney proposing in the first place. And it’s a good thing she did, because that proposal at the end of the episode was ludicrously adorable — the television equivalent of a box of baby ducklings, really.

911 Lucy Returns
911 Lucy Returns

Meanwhile, another member of the Buckley family was having significantly less luck in love. While out on a date with Natalia, he bumped into none other than Lucy, who apparently moved over to air support after her tenure with the 118. Despite being visibly flustered, Buck insisted there was nothing to tell about his non-relationship with Lucy.

Yet another ghost from Buck’s past reared her gorgeous head when Taylor popped up on the news — giving an interview about her time with the 118, no less! Natalia was once again willing to overlook this relationship throwback, but she was less understanding when a very pregnant (and very stressed out) Kameron showed up on his doorstep needing a place to crash.

And then there was Eddie, who spent the hour desperate seeking… anybody. Hoping to recreate the “magic” that brought Shannon into his life, he basically wandered around Los Angeles in anticipation of an epic meet cute. He finally got one when he bumped into Marisol at the hardware store, suggesting that there might be hope for them yet.

(I won’t lie, my inner #Buddie ‘shipper definitely watched Buck and Eddie in this episode thinking, “They’re both looking for the same thing! Why don’t they see what we see?” But I know better by now than to even get my hopes up about such a development.)

What did you think of this week’s 9-1-1? Eddie and Marisol’s future? Buck and Lucy’s awkward reunion? We’re just a week away from the finale, so drop a comment with your hopes for the rest of Season 6 below.

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