‘9-1-1’ Fans Are "Sending Hugs" to Jennifer Love Hewitt After Her Emotional Instagram Post

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Paid Tribute to Mom on IGCBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

As Jennifer Love Hewitt prepares for the 9-1-1 season 7 premiere on March 14, she's taking the time to remember a special person who stood by her before fame.

In a post uploaded on the Party of Five alum's Instagram, the actress commemorated the birthday of her late mother Patricia, who passed in 2012 from complications due to cancer. As she posted a throwback photo of the two hugging one another while posing for the camera, Jennifer paid a heartbreaking tribute reflecting on how much Patricia's presence meant.

"Happy Birthday Mom. I love you beyond what I can write in words," read the March 8 post. "I would choose you as my mom a million times. Thoughts of you laughing, us holding hands and your hugs keep me going. I wish I could lay in your lap today and you would rub my hair. But thank you for the visit as a hummingbird on my way to work this morning. Hope heaven is throwing you a party and I will be thinking of you all day. Love you the most always and forever. ❤️."

Given the emotional tie Jennifer had with Patricia over the years, seeing her share a message of love toward her late mother had fans consoling her in the comments.

"Sending love to you on this special day ❤️," one person wrote on Instagram. "Today is my Mother's birthday as well. Maybe Heaven is throwing a huge party for them," another penned. "Happy birthday to your dear mom. She must have been a special lady from your posts," a different follower added.

While Jennifer was commemorating Patricia's birthday, this isn't the only time she's opened up to fans about the passing of her mom more than a decade ago. She posts private mother-daughter moments every year on the anniversary of Patricia's death, with her 2023 tribute showcasing the pain she feels about not having the most important woman in her life.

"11 years ago my life changed in a moment," she wrote in June 2023 on Instagram. "We didn’t get to say goodbye but I think it’s because we wouldn’t have known how. I see you in my kids everyday. I feel you in things I say and smile because I’m more like you than I thought. I honor you by trying to create magic for my family just like you did for us. I love you deeply. I’m so grateful you were our mom. This day will always hurt because you were that special. Always and forever mom ❤️."

Our hearts go out to Jennifer!

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