'If 777 bid is rejected Everton are in a parlous position'

Chief football writer Phil McNulty

BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty has been answering your questions.

Adam asked: Given the reports about 777, do you think their impending takeover of Everton puts the club at a less or greater chance of administration?

Phil replied: This is almost impossible to answer just yet, Adam. We're not even sure if it will be approved yet and what a proposed 777 ownership would look like.

I do think if it is rejected Everton are in a parlous position but, even if 777 gets the nod, there are so many questions about their business that hardly fill Evertonians with confidence.

It still surprises me that 777 appears to be the only show in town for Everton and there are seemingly no other potential investors out there. Maybe they are biding their time – but they need to make a move soon.