7 Things You’ll Never Regret Throwing Away

When it doubt, throw it out. (Well, at least these items.)

<p>Jelena Dragovicdj/Getty Images</p>

Jelena Dragovicdj/Getty Images

When in doubt, do you throw it out? If you've noticed your home becoming increasingly cluttered, adopting this philosophy might be beneficial. But, if you’ve started decluttering and can’t seem to figure out what to keep and what to toss—perhaps you need a bit of guidance. Whether you need to declutter your kitchen, closet, or bathroom, here are six things you’ll never regret throwing away.

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Old Makeup

Do you remember when you bought that contour palette? Is your concealer looking a little crusty? Professional organizer and founder of Jenuinely Contained, Jennifer Jarret, tells me you’ll never regret tossing out old makeup. ”This is a huge category of items that people tend to hang onto for far longer than they should. It’s understandable why, makeup can be very expensive and it can last a long time.”

While it might feel innocuous, using old makeup can have consequences beyond an uneven application. “Makeup, especially the creamier variety, can be a breeding ground for bacteria. The first time you get pink eye from old mascara you will never regret cycling through it faster in the future,” the organizer explains.

Expired Food

Is there a reason to eat expired food? Then there’s no reason to keep it. “Expired food that has passed its edible lifetime can not only make you sick when you ingest it, but pantry items can contain small bugs,” says Jarrett.

Keep in mind if something expired yesterday and you want to eat it today, you’re probably fine, but other than that, expired food belongs in the garbage.

Clothing That Doesn’t Fit

Bodies change and that’s okay. But keeping clothing that doesn’t fit isn’t. According to Jarrett, “You will never regret getting rid of clothes that are too small and only make you feel bad about yourself.”

While you’re digging through your closet, Lindsey Mahanna, professional organizer and founder of Clutter to Clarity recommends also getting rid of any clothing that doesn’t bring you joy, regardless of whether it fits you or not. "Some examples of this include a shirt that's not a great color on you or a piece of clothing from an ex.”

The reward of decluttering is extra closet space “Make room for items that fit, make you happy, and that you want to wear,” says Jarrett.

Keep in mind, that you don’t need to put old clothing in the trash. Anything in good condition should be given away or donated to a worthy organization.  

Junk Mail

Are you really going to use that new dry cleaner coupon when you’re happy with your current one? Do you plan on searching that supermarket circular for sales? Don’t let junk mail pile up anywhere except for your recycling bin.

Games With Missing or Broken Pieces

While replacing a die or some other board game pieces is easy, sometimes it’s a better idea to start fresh. “Have you ever tried to play a game with your child and then realized that half of the pieces were missing? Cue toddler meltdown,” says Jarrett. “Determining which of your games are complete and which ones are missing pieces is vital to keeping one’s sanity.”

Get rid of games with missing or broken pieces and try something new on your next family game night.

Things That Remind You of a Former Life

While some objects remind us of happy times, there are plenty of things that don’t. Mahanna advises saying goodbye to anything that reminds you of something painful or a former life. “Get rid of things from a previous marriage, wound supplies from an injury, and things related to a former job you hated.”

Broken or Unused Items

Do you find your home is cluttered? Shantae Duckworth, professional organizer and founder of Shantaeize Your Space suggests going through your things and ditching broken or unused items to free up valuable space in your home and prevent clutter from accumulating. “This can be anything from broken dishes and mugs to unused makeup or extra books or throw pillows. Holding onto these items only adds unnecessary weight to your environment and can contribute to feelings of disorganization and overwhelm.” 

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