At 50, Olivia Colman Opens Up About Botox in Honest Interview

At 50, Olivia Colman Opens Up About Botox in Honest Interview
  • Olivia Colman got candid about Botox in a new interview.

  • The Wonka star said she’s had “loads.”

  • Fans appreciated her honesty.

Anyone who has dabbled in cosmetic injectables knows that there’s pressure to keep quiet about Botox and filler, the purpose of which is to maintain a seemingly effortless, natural image. Well, Olivia Colman is throwing that pressure out the window. In a recent interview, she candidly said she’s had “loads” of Botox, and fans found the comment super refreshing.

The interview took place on BBC’s Radio 2, and the star was joined by her Wicked Little Letters co-star Jessie Buckley and radio host Vernon Kay. In a game of music trivia, Kay asked the pair what year “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” by BandAid released. The answer was 1984. Colman said she was 10 years old at the time, to which Kay replied: “Hang on, we’re the same age?”

The 50-year-olds’ eyes met with surprise. “Are we?” Colman asked. “I look like your mum!” Behind his hand, Kay whispered his age to confirm the number. “Oh yeah! Disco, nice!” he quipped. Meanwhile, the Wonka star remained shocked. “You look so young! That’s really annoying,” she said. “How much Botox have you had?” Kay replied: “Ay, none!”

Colman couldn’t say the same for herself. “Oh, I’ve had loads,” she said. When Kay asked her if it hurt, she was real about that, too. “Yeah! It’s needles in your face,” she laughed.

Fans in the comments section adored Colman’s lack of filter. “So bloody refreshing! 😂” one viewer commented. “God I love her,” another added. “She’s so refreshingly honest,” someone else wrote.

Colman joins a plethora of stars who have opened up about cosmetic procedures, including Martha Stewart, Kate Hudson, Dolly Parton, and Kelly Ripa. As Botox and the like become increasingly normalized and accessible, we’re bound to hear from more and more—celebrity or not. According to a market report published by SpaMedica in December, over 9 million Botox treatments were administered globally in 2022, a 26.1% increase in one year. The report also said that 85% of those procedures were done on women.

If so many people are doing it, why is it so shocking for someone like Colman to casually bring it up? Food for thought.

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