4 women-owned wellness brands worth adding to your medicine cabinet

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Most people’s medicine cabinets hold a good mix of vitamins, Advil, bandaids, a toothbrush and a stray beauty product or two. And in most cases, it’s not typically a space that sparks joy — but it can be!

Below, check out four wellness brands (and their best sellers) that offer high-quality products to keep you feeling like the best version of yourself. Plus, each brand has an amazing founder that’s paving the way.

1. Ritual

Founder: Katerina Schneider

Why it’s great: Ritual is a vitamin company that is all about products that are “simple, clean, and backed by science.” The brand also prides itself on what it refers to as traceability, which is Ritual’s transparency when it comes to what exact ingredients are in their vitamins and how they’re produced.

While Ritual started out wanting to create a great multivitamin for women, it’s since expanded to include men and children. They also offer pre and postnatal vitamins.

Shop: Women’s Multivitamin (ages 18+), $30

2. Goldmine

Founders: Rachael Gorjestani & Tina Hardison

Why it’s great: The female duo behind Goldmine came up with the idea to start their own adaptogen company after experiencing stress and burnout themselves. If you’re new to adaptogens, essentially, they’re a group of herbs that can help your body combat stress.

Goldmine’s “everyday adaptogen powder blend helps your body manage stress, boost energy, and improve overall wellness.” You can add their plant-based products to your favorite drinks or food, including coffee, smoothies, tea or even water, up to three times a day.

Shop: Adaptogen Powder Jar, $28

Credit: Goldmine
Credit: Goldmine

3. Moon Juice

Founder: Amanda Chantal Bacon

Why it’s great: After founder Amanda Chantal Bacon successfully put an “autoimmune condition into remission” by changing her diet and lifestyle, Moon Juice was born.

The brand offers everything from adaptogens to skin care products and food. Some of the brand’s most popular offerings include adaptogen powders that target your skin, sleep, mood, sex drive and more.

Shop: Full Moon Sachets, $35

Credit: Moon Juice
Credit: Moon Juice

4. Love Wellness

Founder: Lo Bosworth

Why it’s great: Love Wellness launched in 2016 and has been making supplements for almost every bodily issue women deal with ever since. According to the brand, Love Wellness’ supplements are “made with clean ingredients to support specific self-care issues.”

Whether you’re looking to add a supplement into your routine to help improve your hair, your gut health or your metabolism, Love Wellness has got you covered.

Shop: Clear Skin Probiotics, $24.99

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