4 Sources Reveal How Olivia Wilde Feels About Her Ex Harry Styles Kissing Her Friend EmRata

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Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski were spotted sloppily making out against a car last weekend, major news for many reasons including but not limited to the fact that EmRata is friends with Harry’s ex Olivia Wilde (they were last seen hanging at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, pictured below). And if you’re wondering how Olivia’s doing with this new information, it’s…complicated.

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Several sources have weighed in on the situation, with one insider telling Page Six that EmRata is “begging her for forgiveness,” while another said Olivia “is staying far away from this and taking the high road. She is focused on her kids and her work. She wants nothing to do with this mess.”

Meanwhile, an anon insider spoke to Us Weekly and revealed that Olivia “is trying not to be jealous because she is moving on as well,” although seeing EmRata and Harry making out definitely “upsets” her.

Perhaps most dramatically, a source spoke to the Daily Mail about Harry and EmRata’s kiss, saying, “Olivia and Emily were friends and this is a betrayal. Olivia does not want to be dragged into this mess and she refuses to go backward in her life. She is focused on her career and her kids and not giving this any more of her energy.”

As for her own personal life, the Daily Mail’s source claims that Olivia “is open to dating again, but she refuses to settle for anything less than she deserves.” Noted!

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