This 4-Ingredient ‘Lazy’ Pancake Recipe Is Perfect for Busy Mornings

Bonus points: It's made in the microwave and uses just one dish.

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Elena Veselova/Getty Images

Everyone loves the idea of waking up to a breakfast of warm pancakes topped with delights like fresh berries and sweet maple syrup, but cooking an entire pancake breakfast can be time-consuming and messy. Luckily, TikTok has a solution for that: Enter the lazy girl pancake bowl, a social media trend that content creators are making their go-to breakfast…for good reason.

There are hundreds of videos about the lazy girl pancake bowl on TikTok alone, with users sharing their own take on the breakfast fad using hashtags like #PancakeBowl and #LazyGirlPancakeBowl. Always on the hunt for an easy breakfast idea, I was intrigued by the berry-topped creations, so I tried making the lazy girl pancake bowl in my own kitchen.

What Is the Lazy Girl Pancake Bowl?

The lazy girl pancake bowl is pretty simple to execute. While lots of TikTok users use pancake mix with protein powder stirred in, or top their bowls with nutrient-packed accouterments like flaxseed or bee pollen, I was excited to find I had enough of the basic ingredients already in my refrigerator and pantry—no trip to a specialty grocery store required. All you need to make a lazy girl pancake bowl are just-add-water pancake mix, eggs, a splash of milk, half a banana, and a few toppings.

To make a lazy girl pancake bowl, just combine everything but the toppings in a rectangular glass food storage dish and microwave it for a couple minutes. The ingredients cook into a pancake right in the bowl and are ready to top with everything from peanut butter to berries.

How To Make the Lazy Girl Pancake Bowl

There are as many variations on how to make a lazy girl pancake bowl as there are videos about the dish on social media. While some creators use egg whites instead of an entire egg, I already had eggs in my fridge, so I decided to stick with what I had on hand. Others skip the mashed banana or omit a splash of milk. In fact, the one consistent thing I saw in the lazy girl pancake videos I watched was that there isn’t one set way to do it, which makes the dish way more easy to incorporate into a morning routine.

For my lazy girl pancake bowl, I combined ⅓ cup of instant pancake mix and a whole egg in my rectangular glass dish, mixing until combined. Next, I mashed half a banana in a separate bowl until it was the perfect mushy consistency before stirring it into the bowl as well. I eyeballed how much liquid I thought the mixture still needed, adding some plant-based milk to the mix. Once I had a pancake-batter-like consistency going on, I tossed it into the microwave for two minutes.

When my microwave timer went off, I was excited to find a pancake waiting for me in my glass dish, ready to be topped. I used what I had on hand at home, microwaving a few frozen berries to warm and soften them and dumping them right on top of the pancake. Next, I added some granola, a drizzle of peanut butter, and some maple syrup.

Is the Lazy Girl Pancake Bowl Good?

I really enjoyed the flavors of my lazy girl pancake bowl. The syrup and peanut butter mixed together with the warm berries created a flavorful blend that paired perfectly with each fluffy bite of pancake. And, the granola on top offered a great contrasting crunch. What’s more, even though I didn’t use protein pancake mix, the addition of an egg and some plant-based milk added some protein to the breakfast dish and kept me full all morning.

My only complaint about the lazy girl pancake bowl is that it didn’t feel very “lazy” at all. There was lots of mixing and stirring involved, and digging through my freezer and pantry for the perfect ingredients to use as toppings took work, too. While there was significantly less clean-up than when I make pancakes on the stove, it was far from a quick-and-easy breakfast. Still, it was worth the work and I’d absolutely make a lazy girl pancake bowl again.

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