35 Photos Of Nostalgic Things That Will Be Instantly Recognizable To Any Boomer

1.Donald Duck frozen orange juice concentrate, which was tempting to almost eat straight out of the can with a spoon:

Donald Duck orange juice

2.Ovaltine when it came in an amber glass container:


3.And St. Joseph's orange-flavored children aspirin that also came in a glass container:

St. Joseph aspirin for children

4.Chocks multivitamins for kids, which were chewable and tasted like "fruit":

@MartyTheElder / Via Twitter: @MartyTheElder

5.Dick and Jane books that helped you learn to read:

"The New We Come and Go"

6.And the Mixies card game, which definitely tested your memory skills:

Mixies cards
Mixies cards

BeesPaperTreasures / Via

7.The Suzy Homemaker toy line that was, um, I guess supposed to make domestic life seem fun:

A Suzy Homemaker oven

8.Merry-go-rounds at playgrounds that were all about having someone spin it as hard and fast as they could while everyone on it hung on for dear life:

Kids on a merry-go-round
Harold M. Lambert / Getty Images

9.Sitting very close to the TV not only to see it better but also to make it easier to change the channels:

Kids sitting on the floor in front of the TV
H. Armstrong Roberts / Getty Images

10.Halloween costumes that were either vinyl Ben Cooper smocks with a plastic mask you couldn't see out of or a homemade costume:

Kids trick-or-treating
Kids trick-or-treating
Kids on Halloween
Kids on Halloween

Bettmann / Getty Images, Dennis Hallinan / Getty Images

11.And having your neighbors pass out their Halloween trick-or-treat candy in fun, little paper bags:

candy bags
Buyenlarge / Buyenlarge via Getty Images

12.Western Union telegrams, which usually meant if your family got one, that it was a message from someone far away:

A Western Union telegram
Stuart Lutz / Getty Images

13.Trading stamp savers that hung in the kitchen and collected S&H stamps:

"Trading Stamp Saver"

14.Toilet paper that not only came in different colors but also had different pattern prints on it:

Delsey Boutique Tissues

15.And built-in ashtrays next to toilets:

an ashtray next to a roll of toilet paper
u/cippaciong / Via

16.Billboards that were painted by hand:

a man painting a billboard
Robert Landau / Corbis via Getty Images

17.Lucite grapes that were the perfect decoration for the dining room or in a bar area:

fake grapes

18.And lucite paperweights with dried flowers inside that were just so pretty to look at:

a paperweight

19.A collection of pretty Avon perfume bottles that sat on your mom or grandma's dresser or vanity:

fancy perfume bottles

20.And your mom or grandma also owning Avon perfumed soaps that smelled oh-so-heavenly:

Bird of Paradise soap

21.Deodorants coming in cream form that people had to apply with their fingers:

Secret Cream deoderant

22.Textured carpet, which probably trapped more dust than you care to think about:

a carpeted staircase
Getty Images

23.Eden Big Eyes paintings, which were just creepy:

Eden Big Eyes paintings

24.And creepy owl wall decor that people would put around their homes:

Owls on the wall

25.Fallout shelter signs that marked a building you should run inside of in case of a nuclear attack:

"Fallout Shelter"

26.And fallout shelters people either bought or built themselves in their yards so that they could hunker down inside of it in case of a nuclear attack:

a family in their bomb shelter
Bettmann / Getty Images

27.Molded salmon mousse, which was made from canned salmon but was served as a fancy appetizer at dinner parties:

salmon mousse
The Washington Post / The Washington Post via Getty Images

28.And beef stroganoff being a crowdpleaser at dinner parties:

beef stroganoff
Classicstock / Fritz / Getty Images

29.The Flip Wilson Show that aired on Thursday nights:

Closeup of Flip Wilson
Nbc / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

30.And Bonanza that aired on Sunday nights:

The cast of "Bonanza"
Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

31.Princess phones, which every tween and teen girl wanted in their room:

a pink rotary phone

32.Beach party movies — that starred Annette Funicello in almost all of them:

"Pajama Party"
Lmpc / LMPC via Getty Images

33.American Bandstand, which was must-watch afternoon programming:

Screenshot from "American Bandstand"
Abc Photo Archives / Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

34.The "Mamma mia, that's-a-spicy meat ball!" Alka-Seltzer commercial:

Screenshot from an "Alka-Seltzer" commercial
Bayer / Via

35.And lastly, the "Things go better with Coke" Coca-Cola ad campaign which featured the infectious jingle...

"things go better with Coke"
Coca-Cola / Via

...that was sung by some huge singers of the time in radio spots:

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