30 Restaurants That Tried Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Wayyy Too Hard To Be Quirky And Different

1.This cotton candy hairpiece:

Sculpted bust with a large, illuminated cotton candy hairpiece, set on a restaurant table

2.This shoe + pot combo that feels totally unnecessary:

Sneaker serving bowl with a pot filled with fries on a tray with dipping sauce; quirky food presentation

3.This chaotic evil:

Bread chips creatively presented in a comb shape atop a wooden log at a dining table setting

4.This trash-turned-plate setup:

A bag of Fritos topped with cheese, sour cream, and cilantro

5.This carrot coffee cup:

A latte with leaf art served in an edible carrot cup

6.This nacho overflow:

Person at table with overflowing canned cheese product and spoon on blue tray
u/phrenologyy / Via

7.This restaurant that was just clowning around:

A novelty circus-themed serving dish with a clown face and shoe, holding chicken tenders and sauce

8.This dish that stares back at you:

Elegant dining table set with artistic bread, wine glasses, and a dish with nuts, in a fine restaurant setting
u/ZGriswold / Via

9.This bowl of rocks featuring something edible, apparently:

A bowl of stones, some of which are edible

10.This plant plate that poses challenges:

Aloe vera plant with two novelty meringue ghosts peeking out among the leaves

11.This scoop of hummus:

a wooden tray with hummus, pita bread, and crispy onions inside gardening equipment
u/Terrakit / Via

12.This hiking boot in grass that's also conveniently a serving dish:

a hiking boot in a bowl of grass being used as a tray for food

13.These veryyyy deconstructed tacos:

A meal set with chicken, tortillas, and various toppings on a wooden board

14.This frightful bite:

A brain-shaped dessert served in a skull-shaped bowl on a dark table, with a wine glass in the background

15.This dirty dessert:

Dessert in a flowerpot on a tray on a wooden table

16.These clipped up taco bites:

two tacos suspended on a wooden stand with clips, served with lime slices and salsa
u/Iragdel / Via

17.This skillet of pasta that could've just been dumped on the plate it's resting on:

Pasta dish with sauce and herbs served in a pan on a wooden table, with cutlery and glasses on the side

18.This hearty breakfast board:

Hearty breakfast of eggs, steak, toast, and hash with condiments on a restaurant table

19.This "Croc" of crap:

croc filled with a fried appetizer on a tray
u/[deleted] / Via

20.This repurposed rolling pin:

Table setting with bread in a tin bucket and dipping sauce in a rolling pin tray

21.This mason jar monstrosity:

A fried dough ball atop a jar filled with noodles and vegetables, placed on a white plate on a wooden table

22.This crème brûlée ashtray:

Creme brulee dessert in an ash tray garnished with two chocolate sticks on a tray

23.This setup with a lot of "sole":

Assorted appetizers presented on a sneaker serving plate on a marble table

24.This interesting way to recycle:

A dish with an edible black sphere garnished with greens on a sauce-covered plate, served on a crushed metal can

25.This full glass of...fried chicken:

Chicken strips in a glass with sauce, served as a unique appetizer

26.This effortless breakfast:

Person at table with a breakfast set, including boiled eggs in their shells and carton, toast, and a side of corn and tomatoes

27.This plating that apparently no one thought through:

person trying to get their fork into the stem of a wine glass where mac and cheese has fallen

28.This dog bowl for the table:

Several hands scooping from a large dog bowl of ice cream with various toppings

29.This dusty dessert:

Person eating dessert out of a dust pan

30.And, this chicken kitchen sink:

Sink filled with fried chicken, flanked by sauces, on a restaurant counter

H/T: r/WeWantPlates