This 25-year-old just won a Meghan Markle lookalike contest

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Meghan Markle isn’t the only woman with those doe eyes and that girl next door beauty, as well as a flair for the arts and philanthropy. Model and humanitarian Lukwesa Morin has just been crowned the ultimate Markle lookalike — and their looks aren’t the only things they have in common.

“I’ve been told I look like her ever since she began starring in Suits,” Morin, who recently won a Markle doppelgänger contest hosted by, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. Some ask if they’re sisters, while others actually sometimes think she really is Prince Harry’s fiancé. “I’ve been mistaken for her a couple of times as I’m walking down the street or in any public places. This has been going on for two years now.”

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(Photo: Courtesy of Lukwesa Morin)
(Photo: Courtesy of Lukwesa Morin)

While at 25 the graduate student at Johns Hopkins University is 11 years younger than the actress, Morin does see the resemblance. “I agree that I do have a striking resemblance to her,” she says. “I sat and examined her features one day and realized that there are very similar attributes. I don’t think I’m identical, but have very similar prominent features.” Additionally, they are both of mixed race.

But Morin relates to Markle on personal levels, as well. “I have a passion for entertainment and humanitarian work,” Morin notes. “Anything related to acting, singing, and humanitarian work is of interest to me. I would love to act in a series that has such a thrilling plot line as the one in Suits. I was a big fan of that series.”

(Photo: Courtesy of Lukwesa Morin)
(Photo: Courtesy of Lukwesa Morin)

Markle is devoted to doing good. She worked as a United Nations ambassador, visited Rwanda with World Vision Canada, visited India on a trip to support women and girls living in slum communities, and wrote about combating the stigma surrounding menstruation for TIME. She also participated in the One Young World summit in October 2016. Her Instagram bio simply reads, “UN. World Vision. One Young World. Suits. The Tig,” the last of which was her lifestyle blog.

“I’ve contributed a great deal in regards to humanitarian work,” Morin claims. “Most recently, I worked as an environmental consultant for The World Bank. I led an entire mission project to Lesotho alongside the United Nations World Food Program in 2016 in efforts to rehabilitate a disaster stricken country.”

She’s an active volunteer and has received awards from the U.N. and Johns Hopkins for her work on “an international relations career challenge,” and for “multiple charity tournament events in Houston, Texas.” She’s also the director of crisis response at VASS Global, “an international humanitarian organization that seeks to alleviate existing issues within countries,” she explained. “These issues range from disaster crises to gender inequalities, health, and sustainability.”

These ladies are both deserving of crowns for their humanitarian work alone.

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