44 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts on Amazon You Haven’t Seen a Million Times Before

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Mom somehow always nails the most thoughtful, original gifts (seriously, it's like she gave birth to you or something). So this year, why not wow her back for Mother’s Day 2022? Yes, it can be a challenge to get the woman who managed to give you life the perfect present—especially since you've once again waited until the last minute (again)—but thanks to the magic of Amazon and its Prime two-day and same-day shipping options, there's still time to get the job done. We've painstakingly searched the site's Mother's Day gift guide and beyond for some truly last-minute Mother's Day gifts at Amazon that will surely make you her favorite child.

These picks not only have that wow-factor you seek, but range from sentimental finds to the kind of practical pieces she can brag to her book club about (because, yes, the Revlon One Step hair dryer brush is included). There’s something for every kind of mom on this list, so if you’re still stumped, peruse below to absolutely win this year's celebration.

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1. EFTYAL Mother's Necklace

Best Overall

  • Why We Love It: Pure silver, sentimental meaning

Mother’s Day jewelry is a dime a dozen, but she’ll undoubtedly be wearing this piece for years to come thanks to the sentiment behind it. Featuring two interlocking rings to represent the unending love a mother has for their child, it goes far beyond the surface, and will hold up, too, since it’s handmade made with real 925 sterling silver (that’s silver that’s 92.5 percent pure with a touch of copper or other elements that firm it up for shaping). It’s also largely hypoallergenic by nature, and, if mom accidentally breaks the dainty chain, the company promises to replace it. Order quick enough, and you can get it as soon as today.

$40 at Amazon

2. Lamere Book Club

Best for the Bookworm

  • Why We Love It: Plays to her passion, room to track up to 80 books

Help mom to get ahead of that TBR list once and for all with this journal that’s specifically meant for maximizing her time spent reading. With it, she can make a wish list, track her daily reading habits, keep track of notes for up to 80 of her favorite novels and be motivated, since there’s plenty of inspirational quotes along the way.

$23 at Amazon

3. Bogg Tote Bag

Best for the Multitasker

  • Why We Love It: Waterproof, spacious, accessory bags can be attached from the outside

Chances are, the mom figure in your life has plenty of bags in her closet. But we’d be willing to bet that none of them are waterproof. And for a mother who needs to tote juice boxes, wet towels or soiled clothing (it happens) on the reg, a waterproof bag might be exactly what she’s been missing in her life. This one, which is made of a washable, rubber-like material is reportedly tip-proof and comes with two accessory bags that can be attached from the inside or outside for extra space. It’s also compatible with the brand’s cooler inserts that will make mom a true hero on the family's next beach trip. Depending on the color you choose, this one may arrive after the holiday, so choose wisely!

$153 at Amazon

4. Blooming Jelly Mama Bear Sweatshirt

Best for the Lounge Lover

  • Why We Love It: Adorable graphic, good stretch

Give mama bear the credit she’s due with this cute sweatshirt, which is casual and comfy enough to lounge around in but stylish enough to wear for school drop-off or on a quick grocery run. It’s got a bit of stretch, but if you want an oversized fit, you’ll want to size up.

From $29 at Amazon

5. BodyRestore Shower Steamers

Best for the Stressed Out Mama

  • Why We Love It: Calming, vegan

Let’s face it: Even moms need a break from time to time. And sometimes, the only one she’ll get all day is the 10 to 15 minutes of peace she carves out while taking a shower. Needless to say, a gift that will make those precious minutes as relaxing as can be will be much appreciated. These shower steamers are infused with lavender essential oils that will help her wind down. They’re vegan and paraben-free, and to use them, she can simply place them in the shower where they’ll be hit by water to activate the scent.

$25 at Amazon

6. Abco Tech Store Garden Kneeler and Stool

Best for the Avid Gardener

  • Why We Love It: Included storage and gloves, convertible design

This genius piece goes from a resting stool to a knee guard that will reportedly relieve pressure on mom’s joints and back when she’s planting her spring flowers this year. (It will also keep her overalls from getting ruined with grass stains). What’s more, she’ll get a storage spot for her tools, plus a pair of badger-like clawed gardening gloves (all the better for really getting in the dirt without ruining her nails).

$55 at Amazon

7. Ullo Wine Purifier

Best for the Entertainer

  • Why We Love It: Potentially helps with allergies, doubles as an aerator

She’s got the decanter, the cork stopper, the wine opener and the glasses (colored, no less)—and now, it’s onto the big leagues. Enter: the Ullo wine purifier. This thing claims to remove artificial sulfite preservatives and histamines (FYI, these little buggers can often cause a sneezy, stuffy nose, a headache or nausea for wine drinkers) from reds, whites and rosés. She can also use it as an aerator to let the wine breathe and ultimately, work its magic on her.

$80 at Amazon

8. Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite LED Mask

Best for the Skincare Queen

  • Why We Love It: Reportedly improves skin's texture and lessens the appearance of wrinkles and acne.

If mom has been preaching to you about the importance of good skincare practically since birth, this FDA-cleared device is a must-have. Its light therapy mask pairs together 100 red lights, which are thought to help lessen everything from wrinkles and acne, and roughly 62 blue lights, which can reportedly improve your skin’s texture. With it, she’ll be able to individually to target her problem areas or opt for a hybrid combo thanks to the device's three unique different settings.

$435 at Amazon

9. Camera Roll Keychain

Best for the Sentimentalist

  • Why We Love It: Customizable, on-the-go- keepsake

Your mom has memorialized all of your finest moments, so it’s time to do the same for her. This clever keychain is made of recyclable plastics and shaped like a film roll (remember those?) that you can customize with up to 20 images of the two of you, so she can let the good times unroll anytime she wants. Pretty sweet, right? Please note that since this one is personalized, it will likely arrive after Mother's Day, but it's so sweet, we hardly doubt she'll mind the wait.

From $9 at Amazon

10. ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat

Best for the Perpetually Sore

  • Why We Love It: Relieves stress, may aid with pain

While you would never want to cause your dear old mom pain, this acupuncture mat offers up just enough pressure to do some serious good. The more than 6,500 acupressure points found on this mat, which present here in the form of spiky spheres, aim to relieve tension, and ultimately, reduce the pain caused by it. A 2012 study conducted by the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative found that these types of mats provided an effective method of reducing both chronic neck and lower back pain. They're thought to also improve blood circulation, too.

From $25 at Amazon

11. Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Best for the Java Fiend

  • Why We Love It: Boils water in minutes, precise pouring

This is not your ordinary kettle. Gooseneck kettles, like this one, ensure that your water will pour slowly and precisely over beans or tea leaves for the ultimate brew. These devices promise to deliver the perfect temp, every time (something that's not hard to do with the handy LCD display), and, let's be real: They're not a total eyesore on the kitchen counter, either.

$159 at Amazon

12. TAOVK Women’s Sweater Set

Best for the Homebody

  • Why We Love It: Super-soft material, stylish design

Mom will be as cozy as can be while lounging around in this sweater set, which is available in five different colorways. It’s made of a super-soft acrylic and wool blend that she may never want to take off, and it’s got elastic in all the right places. In fact, you just might want to order a set for yourself while you’re at it!

$63 at Amazon

13. MEATER Plus Smart Thermometer

Best for the Home Chef

  • Why We Love It: Innovative technology, encourages food safety

With precious little time in a day, anything that allows mom to multitask is a solid buy in our books. This state-of-the-art wireless meat thermometer will not only help her to take her grill game next level, she’ll be able to keep an eye on her steaks as she does the laundry, empties the dishwasher or even kicks back to enjoy a good book. It can be a little touchy as far as its range goes, but as long as mom stays within the recommended 165 feet, it will reportedly work like a dream.

$100 at Amazon

14. Briogeo Scalp Massager

Best for the Salon Lover

  • Why We Love It: Feels nice, may stimulate hair growth

Forget the tired old back massager you and your dad have gone in together on for the last three years in a row. This year, try focusing on a more neglected area that could surely use some TLC: her scalp. Scalp massagers will help get all the buildup (read: dry shampoo and dead skin) off her noggin, helping to keep it healthy. They feel luxurious, and some have even suggested that the circulation they provide can help to make hair grow, though the jury’s still out on those claims.

$18 at Amazon

15. Just Art! Paris Jewelry Making Kit

Best for the Jewelry Buff

  • Why We Love It: Completely original, experience gift

It has been said that people value experiences more than gifts, but this one gives you the best of both worlds. Just Art! Paris has come up with a brilliant present that will enable your mom to become an artisan in the craft of jewelry-making—then keep the creations she makes. Each package includes all the fixings to make either a pair of stud earrings or a pendant (you can upgrade to a bracelet, necklace or dangly earrings for an additional charge) and she’ll get to interact with a Parisian jewelry maker live on the date of her choosing for expert, step-by-step instructions on how to make each piece just right. Did we mention it's also currently 30 percent off?

$165 $116 at Amazon

16. SipCaddy

Best for the Soak Enthusiast

  • What We Love About It: Sturdy construction, fulfills an untapped need

Is Mom’s favorite way to unwind a long soak in the tub? If so, this popular wine glass holder will allow her to fully indulge in its pleasures with a glass of vino at her fingertips. Its designer to withstand a weight of up to 7 pounds, so it will be plenty secure, and it's eco-friendly, too, since it's made of 100 percent recycled cardstock. Customers say it's as sturdy as they come and will even double as a loofah holder once mom's finished her beverage.

$14 at Amazon

17. FilmHoo Engraved Cutting Board

Best for the Culinary Whiz

  • Why We Love It: Sustainable bamboo, decorative and functional

It doesn't get much sweeter than this cutting board, which is engraved with a whole love of patience, understanding and care—aka everything our mothers represent. It's made of an eco-forward bamboo wood, and the non-decorative side can be used for everything from chopping veggies to cutting cake.

$31 at Amazon

18. EverSnug Travel Blanket and Pillow

Best for the World Traveler

  • Why We Love It: 2-in-1 functionality, multiple colorways

It's a universal truth that planes tend to be chilly—and uncomfortable. But mom can kill two birds with one stone thanks to this compact blanket-and-pillow combo that not only gives you all the snugness of a throw, it converts into a pillow when you stuff it into its provided pillowcase. It even has a carrying sleeve to drape it over your carry-on!

$30 at Amazon

19. Plant Mister

Best for the Plant Mom

  • Why We Love It: 200 milliliter capacity, gorgeous design

When the kids have finally moved out, there's still more work to be done if mom's the proud parent of plant babies. This mister will help bring some fresh mist to her hydrangeas and orchids. Plus, it’s attractive enough to keep on display and has an anti-rust finish for longevity.

$15 at Amazon

20. Breathe, Mama, Breathe: 5 Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms by Shonda Moralis

Best for the Overworked Mom

  • Why We Love It: Useful for daily life, expert advice

Hailed as a "mom must-read," this how-to on incorporating daily meditation into your normal life practices by psychotherapist Shonda Moralis is a game-changer—this according to the overworked, over-stressed mamas who are already loving it. "This helps you find how to simply slow down in a moment within the simplest tasks we do already everyday!" wrote one happy buyer, with another raving, "I already [feel] calm."

$13 at Amazon

21. Ray-Ban RB1971 Square Glasses

Best for the Trendsetter

  • Why We Love It: Fashion-forward, quality brand

Help mom to look—and more importantly, feel—like an absolute star in these square Ray-Bans. The square shape of them will set her apart from the aviator crowd, particularly if she's got a more round or heart shape visage. It's also got a durable metal frame and non-polarized lenses that will keep her peepers protected from the sun's harmful rays.

$178 at Amazon

22. Rocketbook Reusable Notebook

Best for the Notetaker

  • Why We Love It: High-tech innovation, useful application

If mom is constantly jotting down every little thing so as not to forget it, we've got just the thing to help her save some space in her memory—and a few trees. Feast your eyes on Rocketbook—a one-of-a-kind, reusable journal that will allow the matriarch in your family to store her hand-written or spoken notes on a digital device. And once she's got them where she wants them? She can simply erase them from the notebook to start all over again—just note that she'll need to use a special Rocketbook pen to get the full effect.

$22 at Amazon

23. Revlon One Step Hair Dryer Brush

Best for the Hair Obsessed

  • Why We Love It: Dries hair fast, adds serious volume

OK, OK, this is one you've likely heard of before. But if your mom somehow still doesn’t have the cult-favorite Revlon One-Step hair dryer brush in her arsenal, we'd argue that it's unique in the sense that she’ll adore being able to brag to her friends about its magical hair-drying abilities. We found that this baby can take your hair from wet to dry in about 20 minutes, saving us some serious time in the morning. Plus, the volume it provides is unparalleled.

$59 at Amazon

24. Rifle Paper Co. Juliet Rose Recipe Tin

Best for the Traditionalist

  • Why We Love It: Adorable pattern, preserves heritage

If mom still follows your grandma’s classic banana bread recipe, it might be time to give her a safer place to store it. This tin box is far more sturdy than a deteriorating recipe book and every bit as pretty. For a truly special gift, have the family pitch in by adding their own recipes to it before wrapping it with a bow.

$40 at Amazon

25. Eberjey Gisele Pajamas

Best for the Weekend Warriors

  • Why We Love It: Super soft, good color options

Nothing quite beats lounging in bed with a soft and cozy pajama set. If you really want to spoil her this year, get her this one from Eberjey. It’s chic, it’s made of a lightweight modal and it comes in several colors to best suit her style. Sure, it’s a little on the pricier side, but these are our mothers we’re talking about—they’re worth it.

$125 at Amazon

26. 'Tell Me Your Life Story, Mom' Keepsake Book

Best for the Historian

  • Why We Love It: Family-oriented, keepsake

How well do you know the woman who gave you life? We mean really know her. If you hesitated on the answer, it might be time to invest in Tell Me Your Life Story, Mom. This journal features prompts (126 of them, to be exact) that will have your mother reflecting on her life's journey before passing her stories on for the next generations to come. The prompts are organized by section so as not to be overwhelming, and you'll have plenty to say to your own kids about their grandma's legacy.

From $10 at Amazon

27. W&P Porter Ceramic Lunch Bowl

Best for the Commuter

Why We Love It: Microwave safe, perfect for packed lunches

They'll be no sad desk lunches with this gorgeous ceramic container from W&P Porter. Available in six neutral colors, it holds up to 2.2 pounds of food, making it plenty big enough for salads and leftovers. Plus, it’s microwave- and dishwasher-safe, so heating and cleaning it up will be a breeze. While it's not the most soup-friendly, since it's not fully leakproof, it will likely suit mom's day-to-day needs just fine.

$33 at Amazon

28. The Nue Co. Magnesium Ease Skin Spray

Best for the Insomniac

  • Why We Love It: Promotes better sleep, natural ingredients

For a tired mom, there's no better gift than a good night's rest, and she might have some more luck catching those sweet zzz's with this magnesium spray. Not only has magnesium been shown to improve insomnia in elderly patients, this spray is infused with a calming lavender oil, which has been shown to improve sleep quality. Just 12 spritzes before bed, and voila! Talk about a one-two punch.

$35 at Amazon

29. LG Styler Steam Closet

Best for the Clothing Buff

  • Why We Love It: Trusted brand, in-home professional-level cleaning

Want to give the gift of time? Say hello to the Styler steam closet. Sure, this LG appliance will cost you. But it will also save her tons of time (and cash!) on dry cleaning bills in the long run, since it acts as a sanitation station for clothes that only need but a light, gentle refresh. It can dry the items you can't put in the machine safely (delicates included) and in a hurry, thanks to its built-in heat pump, and it can even press them, too. Note that this one may be belated, as it takes a while to ship.

$1,149 at Amazon

30. Fisher Space Pen

Best For The Thank You Card Writer

  • Why We Love It: Raw brass material, good ink flow

Mom still swears by handwritten thank you’s and “just because” notes. So why not indulge her card-writing with an ultra-fancy pen? She’ll feel so posh holding it, and this one can write at any angle, making it a bit novel besides.

$29 at Amazon

31. Paravel Foldable Duffle Bag

Best for the Jetsetter

  • Why We Love It: Sleek design, folds down for easy storage

We don't know about you, but we always seem to run out of room for souvenirs when we get to our final destination. This travel bag folds down to practically nothing, so it will be easy for your jet-setting mama to sneak an extra trinket back home. She’ll also love it as a weekender bag that she can stash away after she unpacks.

$70 at Amazon

32. Kodak Dock Plus Photo Printer

Best for the Amateur Photog

  • Why We Love It: Bluetooth connectivity, instant photos

No matter how many selfies we snap on our smartphones, nothing beats holding a physical photograph. Mom can quickly print out her camera roll via Bluetooth using this ingenious photo printer for scrapbooking, cards, or just to frame, anywhere, anytime. She can also choose between bordered and borderless options.

$130 at Amazon

33. HyperChiller Instant Coffee Cooler

Best for the Cold Coffee-Obsessed

  • Why We Love It: Speedy, solution-based

There are two types of people in this world: hot coffee drinkers and cold coffee drinkers. If mom falls into the latter camp, you'd be remiss not to get her the HyperChiller. This handy little gadget claims it can cool her hot coffee down in 60 seconds or less using its patented technology, and without dilution. Essentially, she'll freeze the device, take it out, pour her hot coffee inside and enjoy (no shame in picking one up for yourself, FYI!).

$25 at Amazon

34. "Magnificent Florence: Iconic Art and Architecture" Tour

Best for the Sophisticated

  • Why We Love It: Budget-friendly, brings an element of culture

Want to take mom on a trip overseas but don't have the cash? Sure you do—as long as you do it virtually. With a spotlight on Amazon's experience gifts for Mother's Day, we can't help but wonder if ours might be interested in, say, exploring Florence's art and architecture in Italy. For less than $50, thanks to the 30 percent off sale that's happening right now, Insider tour will take you and mom through the city's most breathtaking venues—all from the comfort of your couch.

$49 at Amazon

43. Zoe Lev Asymmetrical Letter Necklace

  • Why We Love It: 14K gold, customizable

For a gift that's entirely her own, opt for this stunning pendant necklace, which can be customized with mom's initial or with that of her child or grandchild, so she can always keep them close. It's made of 14K gold (though it also comes in 14K white or rose gold) and each one is made in L.A., so it may take some extra time to ship, if that's a concern.

$221 at Amazon

44. PupProtector Dog Blanket

  • Why We Love It: Waterproof, stylish

If mom loves the family dog (almost) as much as she loves her kids, but can’t stand the hair (or the accidents), this waterproof blanket will be her saving grace. It comes in several faux fur and cowhide patterns to make for an actually stylish furniture protector that is, dare we say, downright chic! Shoppers say they're quite substantial too, so they won't easily fall apart when tugged or thrown in the wash.

$129 at Amazon

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