"It's Still Going Strong": People Are Sharing Their Long-Lasting Purchases That Essentially Paid For Themselves (And Then Some)

There's something truly special about items that are made to last and stand the test of time — especially in 2024, when it feels as if so many of the things we buy are getting flimsier, cheaper, and more disposable.

From clothes and furniture to home appliances, many of the items we rely on every day just aren't made the way they used to be.

Recently, u/Nyodrax asked people on Reddit to share items they've had for 25 years, writing, "My father used to describe himself as a 'quarter-century' man. If something couldn't last 25 years, he wasn’t interested in buying it. Curious what you guys have bought, from clothing to appliances, that has stood the test of time." There were almost 3,000 comments, and people talked about everything from cookware and clothing to tools and vintage gaming consoles. Here are some of the top comments:

1."My late mother-in-law was French and lived near a Le Creuset outlet. I have some amazing pieces she gifted me over the years, and I love them. I know at least one is 20 years old."

A set of Le Creuset cookware from the 1970s

2."My parents' rice cooker is older than I am (32), and I’m pretty sure it’s older than their marriage license. Like, that rice cooker is pushing 40. Still makes perfect rice."


3."This week, I wore a sweater to work that I bought at New York & Co. in the late '90s. I bought it with money from my after-school job, LOL. It’s wild to me that I have (and am still wearing) clothes older than some of my coworkers."


4."My original Mach3 razor handle. Obviously, I replace the disposable razors, but I love my razor. It's heavy. Not the plastic used today. I'm 41. Got it when I was 13. Also, I'm female. Men's razors for the win!"

Vintage Mach3 razor handle

5."In 1993, I earned my first large bonus at work and spent $500 to $600 of it buying Waterford crystal. I've broken a couple of pieces over the years, but the wine glasses that remain always remind me of the first time I could ever afford to splurge on myself. I still use them regularly, and I fully expect that I'll break more in the years ahead. Such is life!"


6."My daughter has my Levi's jacket from the late '80s. I still have a pair of Doc Martens, now that I think about it, from the '90s."


7."Lodge cast-iron skillets. My grandmother owned them. When I was 17, she died, and they were passed down to me. I'm 63, and they're going strong."

Set of three cast-iron pans hanging on a wall

8."My 1999 4Runner! It has 360,000 miles and is still going strong."


9."My KitchenAid Artisan mixer is 30 years old and still going!!"

Vintage KitchenAid mixer

10."I have the original George Foreman grill. Going strong. Nearly weekly use. Gotta be like 25 years old."


11."I inherited my grandparents' washer and dryer that are from the early '80s. Several years ago, I replaced a few bearings in the dryer ($11), the belt ($7.50), and finally, last week, the motor ($55). On the washer, I replaced a valve ($12) about five years ago. As long as the parts are still available, I think they'll last forever. Meanwhile, my friends are buying washers and dryers that break in three years and need a $300 motherboard replaced. Junk."


12."My Nintendo 64 is still going from 1995."

Super Nintendo console

13."My Cuisinart food processor was purchased in ’86 and still runs like a tank."


14."I have an American Girl varsity jacket I bought in 1996. The Discman I bought that same year just died a few months ago. My Kenmore 80 series washer went 27 years before waving goodbye. My Panasonic upright vacuum is 19 years old and currently at the repair shop, but the tech thinks it'll go another five-plus years once it's fixed. I think the oldest thing I have that has been in constant use is my great-grandmother's Pyrex mixing bowls. I don't have an exact age, but my mom remembers using them to cook with Grandma in the late 1950s."

Hand holding a Sony Discman CD player with digital mega bass

15."My Ikea dish brush is going on 10 years. Nothing fancy, but it isn’t showing any signs of stopping."


"They are seriously the best dish brush. I tell everyone about them. I buy one every time I go, and it will last for a year until the next time I go. Then I throw it in the garage and clean garage stuff with it. It’s pretty beat up after two years, but honestly still has life. It just looks gross."


16."Henckels knives. Mine are 26 years old (I get them sharpened once a year). The only thing I do is hand-wash them — never put good knives in the dishwasher."

Three Henckels knives on a cutting board

17."My L.L.Bean sleeping bag. My parents bought it for me when I was 12, and I’m 43 now! Still use it."


18."My Kenwood washer and dryer are going strong. I bought them new in 1982. I have replaced the belt on the dryer twice."

Vintage Kenwood washer-dryer set in a garage

19."I have a smooth black leather belt with a double buckle from Walmart that has lasted me about 22 years and shows no sign of giving out soon. I wore it doing construction and landscaping for a few years and wore it at least a few times a week for 10 years. Nowadays, it is still in good shape, but I tend to wear something more refined unless I'm doing DIY or yard work."


20."My 1995 Oster bread machine."


21."My husband still has his Craftsman tool chest from the mid-'90s."

Vintage Craftsman tool chest with labels added on the drawers

22."Texas Instruments TI-30 solar calculator. I got it in the early '80s for algebra class, and I still use it almost every day."


23."I bought a pair of Ray-Ban aviators in 1987 for $330. Wore them today. That’s about $9 a year. I love those sunglasses."


Now I'm curious: What's something you own that's stood the test of time? Tell me all about it in the comments!

I'll go first! I'm convinced my 1996 Volvo will outlive me. It's built like a tank and still plays cassette tapes.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.